Zoo Negara Can Only Lasts Till April If MCO 2.0 Continues On For Long

Hello, friends. As we all know businesses all around us are struggling to survive at this very moment. With the increase of cases and subsequent implementation (and extension) of the MCO 2.0, the struggle is real. While most essential businesses and services are allowed to operate, many are left to close their doors with no hindsight when they can open again, including our very own Zoo Negara.


Zoo Negara Can Only Hold On Till April If MCO 2.0 Continues On 

Photo: MalayMail

According to Harian Metro, Zoo Negara’s Deputy President Rosly @ Rahmat Ahmat Lana said that the zoo is facing financial woes and can cover operation costs only till April if the MCO 2.0 is extended. At the moment, the zoo is still able to cover the fees for animal feeding and staff salary – all thanks to previous donations from the public.

However, the response for public aid since the start of MCO 2.0 has been fairly different compared to the first MCO last year. Rosly mentioned that the zoo managed to collect a total of RM10 million in donations as help from the public poured in during last year’s MCO.

Here How You Can Help

Photo: @znegaramalaysia (Facebook)

The “Adopt an Animal” programme that Zoo Negara launched last year is still very much ongoing. The online initiative allows the public to symbolically adopt any animals that are listed here for as low as RM25. By adopting an animal, you’ll be helping out with its food, upkeep and veterinary care.

Photo: @znegaramalaysia (Facebook)

Adopt Your Very Own Adorable Zoo Animal Today

You can help out your local national zoo today by joining the adoption programme! Not only will you get an adoption cert but you’ll get Zoo vouchers and merchandise too depending on the package you choose. Oh and you’ll get to meet the animal you adopted when you visit Zoo Negara as it reopens in the future too!

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Source: Harian Metro

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