Here’s Why You Need This Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Vending Machine Now

Malaysia’s hot and humid weather proves that a mid-day beverage is what we need for a quick pick-me-up. As most people are slowly getting in on healthy eating, refined and artificial sugars are just a No-no. That’s why juices are the go-to drink for many, even best if it’s freshly squeezed upon order. Read on to find out how this sleek and modern machine is changing the game for juices on-the-go!


This Orange Juice Vending Machine Is What You Need To Spice Up Your Eatery

In this new normal, contactless is everything and everywhere. Similar to a robot waiter, but instead of just serving drinks, the Zumex vending has everything settled with a single button. With contactless preparation and service – be ready to have a peace of mind downing orange juice. It’s even clean and labour-efficient so owners like you won’t have to have another worry to think about.

Apart from that, you will get quality orange juice in every serving! A cup of freshly squeezed orange juice doesn’t get any simpler than this. The machine is able to squeeze out every single juice from a fresh orange fruit – something we may not be able to do single handedly. Besides, the Zumex vending can continuously serve huge quantities of quality orange juice in every single cup even with large crowds!

Join in on other huge companies overseas, such as IKEA, Starbucks and more, where they believe that serving a healthy drink of orange juice starts with Zumex. A stylishly modern machine that pumps out freshly squeezed orange juice is what you need now.


Find Out How To Get This Incredible Zumex Orange Juice Machine Today

Are you a business owner looking to spice up your premise with something that people will keep coming back to? The Zumex vending is perfect for you! Have this clean, trustable machine serving healthy beverages for all your customers and attract new customers too. It’s most suitable for cafes, restaurants and any F&B businesses. Call them up for more information as they will work on a rental model and profit sharing model just for you!


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