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10 Scenic Hiking Trails & Walks Around Klang Valley For You To Conquer On Your Next Workout

Summer Bod, Here We Go!

Hello, hikers! Just by reading the headline, you already know what this article is about. So, let’s get walking! We are here to share with you 10 beautiful hiking spots around the Klang Valley that’ll surely give you a good workout. So, let’s get to it because we are all chasing after that summer bod. Get set, ready, hike!


10 Best Hiking Trails Near Kuala Lumpur For A Good Workout

1. Bukit Gasing

Photo: (Instagram)

Usually packed with hikers, Bukit Gasing is a great place for those who like multiple routes during their hike. Located just 15 minutes off the Federal Highway, it’s where most of us would go when we are looking for a moderate workout uphill. Plus, there’s a suspension bridge that you can walk over and also…take Instagram-worthy pictures. So, workout and show off how good you look at the same time too!

Photo: @aereonwong (Instagram)

2. Broga Hill

Photo: @eyrafaudzy92 (Instagram)

Famously known for having tall grass surrounding its pathway, Broga Hill is possibly every group’s go-to hiking trail. This is because people usually head there early in the morning to witness sunrise. If you haven’t seen one, this is a great place to see it. Call up your buds now and plan a hike over here!

Photo: @Isaac_foo0121 (Instagram)

3. KL Forest Eco Park

Photo: @gary_wen (Instagram)

If we could name one park that would add aesthetic to your Instagram feed, this one would be it. The KL Forest Eco Park is the place for getting that gram’ worthy shot of yourself with a stunning background. With suspension bridges, shady green trees and a peek of beautiful Kuala Lumpur city, people flood the area to take pictures, and well, hike…if they’ve got the right shoes on. Ain’t it pretty? You betcha.

Photo: @olewandowska (Instagram)

4. Bukit Tabur* [Permanently Closed]

Photo: @its.albert.yoon (Instagram)
Photo: @fancybooby (Instagram)

*Disclaimer: Permanently closed due to several fatal accidents of climbers and hikers. 

5. Taman Tugu

Photo: @carltks (Instagram)

Now, here’s an easy trail perfect for beginners and families! Taman Tugu is our pick for being family-friendly because the hiking trail is quite easy and any beginner hiker could take this on. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a good workout for a couple of hours. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur near our iconic Tugu Negara, it’s a great place to check out during the weekends.

Photo: @farrahadeeba (Instagram)

6. Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve

Photo: @almiezany (Instagram)

Looking for something out from bustling Kuala Lumpur? This one ticks the box because Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve is in Puchong! Another unique aspect about this hiking trail is that there are little river ponds that you can cross. Don’t worry too much about seeing fish in the water because they won’t bite! Just sink your feet in the cold water and keep hiking!

Photo: @raissyaiq (Instagram)

7. Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

Photo: @fakarazul (Instagram)

Another one nestled a couple of minutes from the city centre, FRIM has been long been a place for any nature lover to visit. This forest and hiking trail is well kept and it’s on a moderate level of hiking difficulty. There’s loads of different plant species to see and this one’s just great for soaking up some fresh air.

Photo: @fakarazul (Instagram)

8. Chiling Waterfalls

Photo: @syafiqariffin (Instagram)

Located in Kuala Kubu Bahru, which is about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, Chiling Waterfalls is where most people go for an old-fashioned picnic-by-the-river scene. Loads of hikers can cool off in the river and play in the water after about an hour’s hike up to the scenic waterfall. Tip: bring loads of drinking water and snacks for this one! You’re going to need it when you reach the waterfall (because you realise how hungry you really are).

Photo: @syafiqariffin (Instagram)

9. Bukit Kutu

Photo: @themrlsfq (Instagram)

Another one for the gram’, Bukit Kutu is beautiful and when you reach the top, it’s a feast for the eyes. Take a time to admire nature and then, whip out your camera because you would definitely want a picture of that view. Look at it (above)! Was it worth it hiking all the way up there? You bet.

Photo: @shoooooe (Instagram)

10. Bukit Saga

Photo: jcb_ng (Instagram)

Nestled in Ampang, Bukit Saga is also often interchangeable as “Apek Hill”, by the local people. This hiking trail is a bit tricky as you may have to hike upwards on some rocks that are quite steep but if you don’t shy away from a challenge, this one’s for you. Just remember to be careful and hydrate yourself!

Photo: @sally_yusof (Instagram)

Time To Reconnect With Nature

It is no doubt that all of us need some time with nature every now and then. Given the current modern generation, we are all usually stuck on our phones and laptops. So, it is important that we also focus on our physical health. Also, times have changed and it is crucial that we practice social distancing and good hygiene, even when enjoying outdoor activities. Let’s reconnect with nature and also keep ourselves safe!

Feature image credit: (left) @its.albert.yoon (Instagram), (middle) (Instagram), (right) @themrlsfq (Instagram)

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