10 Fish Sauce Brands in Malaysia That You Can Try Out For Your Next Recipe

With all these lockdowns, most of us are definitely cooking more and experimenting with more new recipes. So if you’ve tried cooking Thai or Vietnamese or any other Asian cuisines, you’ll be very familiar with the fact that fish sauce is the key ingredient to basically every single dish in those cuisines. If you’re still searching for the right brand for your next Vietnamese or Thai recipe, look no further. Here are 10 brands that you can check out.

10 Fish Sauce Brands To Try Out For Your Next Recipe

1. Cap Ketereh 

Fish Sauce
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This brand is a local brand from Tumpat, Kelantan. The key ingredient in this fish sauce is anchovies (ikan bilis). Cap Ketereh started out as a small business in 1978 and has grown into one of the biggest fish sauce brands in the Malaysian market. 

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2. Tiparos 

Fish Sauce
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Tiparos is a brand that originates from Thailand and is one of the more popular brands in the country. Besides that, this brand has been making fish sauce since 1919 so you know that they’re doing something right if the company has been around for more than a century. 

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3. Knife Fish Sauce

Fish Sauce
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Most of us are familiar with this brand for making cooking oil, however do you know that they produce fish sauce as well? Besides that, Knife Fish Sauce does not add any preservative or artificial flavor. The ingredients that were used are fish, salt and sugar. So you can enjoy your meal with your family worry-free. 

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4. Ferry Brand 

Fish Sauce
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Adding Ferry Brand Fish Sauce into any of your favorite recipes may give you the boost of flavoring that is needed. Besides that, it is so versatile that you can add it into every single recipe from a simple fried rice to an elaborate Vietnamese or Thai dish like Pho or Tom yam or even home cooked Char Koay Teow!

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5. Taste-Me Steam Fish & Seafood Sauce

Fish Sauce
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Taste-Me Steam Fish & Seafood Sauce is also another versalite sauce that allows you to add it into any or every dish that you are cooking. Moreover, cooking is made easier with this fish sauce because it basically contains every single seasoning you need in one bottle which means you do not need to add in any other sauces and Taste-Me will do the job for you. 

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6. Megachef Premium Fish Sauce

Fish Sauce
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While this brand is slightly on the pricier side compared to all the other brands however high quality anchovies (ikan bilis) and sea salt has been used to make this a premium fish sauce. Moreover, the natural curing process can take up to 2 years without any added preservatives. 

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7. Chinsu Nam Ngu 

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If you’re making soup, stock or broth then Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce is the perfect match to enhance the flavors. Besides that, you can most definitely use this while cooking other dishes as well. As we know, cooking is truly all about experimenting and being creative. 

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8. Lien Thanh Fish Sauce

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This Vietnamese fish sauce has been made the traditional way which gives it a unique flavor when adding into your dish. Moreover, it is made with 45% anchovies which is perfect to use when marinating a salmon because of the subtle flavor. 

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9. Dragon’s Fish Sauce

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As most of us know that with Asian cuisine, being on a keto diet can be difficult. However with Dragon’s Fish Sauce, you can enjoy the taste of fish sauce without feeling the guilt if you’re on a keto diet because this fish sauce contains low carbohydrates and is keto friendly. Moreover, the process can take up to 12 months so you know that it will be full of flavor. 

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This brand originates from Korea and is a staple ingredient in most households in South Korea. If you’re planning on making your own kimchi during this lockdown, be sure to add this fish sauce into your list of ingredients to enhance the flavors and giving you a more authentic taste. 

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