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10 Fun And Creative Activities You Can Learn Online To Enrich Your Time At Home

Learning online or working from home is great. You get to plan out your day and eat at whatever time that pleases you. However, there are times where we miss the laughter from our beloved friends and colleague. You can get a little boring, don’t you agree? If you’re indeed finding ways to kick off the boredom, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 fun and creative activities you can learn online for free to enrich your time!


10 Fun And Creative Activities You Can Learn Online For Free

1. Try Crafting

Photo: @helenkirkhamcrafts (Instagram)
Photo: @fruitbobba (Instagram) 

Burying your head in textbooks or in front of your laptop can be quite tiring as the day goes by. That’s why we wonder, why not try out some DIY craftings? A little exercise for your fingers and maybe it’ll strike some new ideas for work or studies. If you’re a newbie to crafting, we’ve found a useful website that guides you in any artsy things from bullet journal, sewing to Easter crafts. Most importantly, it’s all free!

Link(s): Create and Craft

2. Learn To Play The Guitar

Photo: @running_recruiter (Instagram)
Photo: Justin Guitar (Official)

Believe it or not, expanding your lung capacity by a little may be helpful to tackle the Coronavirus. A simple way could be to go to the gym. But with the movement control order, it’s a bit hard to compromise. So, why not try singing? And a great accompany is to play the guitar. If you have an old guitar sitting at the corner of your room, this is a chance to learn back your guitar. And if you’ve forgotten how, here’s a website to refresh the memory!

Link(s): Justin Guitar

3. Master Your Photo-Taking Skills

Photo: @danieldemio (Instagram)
Photo: @sofiashy_ (Instagram)

Another skill that we recommend mastering is nonetheless photography! Snapping an aesthetic picture of your lunch meal or when you’re at a beautiful cafe is the norm now. And this is the perfect time to secretly level up your photo-taking skills. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a great website that we found that guides you from beginner to advance levels for free!

Link(s): Alison

4. Learn A Language

Photo: @wonjin.108 (Instagram)
Photo: @sweetkawaiistudy (Instagram)

You might have canceled your travel plans this year because of the Covid-19 outbreak, but that shouldn’t stop you from learning the language online. Be it the influence of Kpop music to learn Korean or the charms of the beautiful French language, you never know when a new language will come in handy. So, if you’re interested in learning a foreign language, look out for Memrise that offers more than 25 free and fun language classes!

Link(s): Memrise


5. Tone Up Your Cooking Skills

Photo: @bbcfood (Instagram)
Photo: @bbcfood (Instagram)

Scroll through Facebook and you’ll realise that your feed is filled with many recipes and food tutorials. From the recent viral Dalgona Coffee to the jiggly Soufflé Omelette, cooking is a great way to boost a little creativity on your usual day. If cooking has always been out of your hands, you’ll be surprised that BBC Food has all the directions that guide you from ‘How to cook chips’ to ‘How to shape Chinese dumplings’.

Link(s): BBC Food

6. Try Drawing

Photo: @dpflou (Instagram)
Photo: @nasta_spencer (Instagram)

Isn’t it a little awkward when a kid comes up to you and asks you to draw a cat for them, but you don’t know how to start your sketch? Well, you’re not alone. As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’, this is the perfect time to hone your artistic skills. With plenty of time nestled in the ‘stay at home’ period, try out the different lessons that Drawspace has to offer and you’ll be an expert in the blink of an eye!


Link(s): Drawspace

7. Play The Piano

Photo: @flowkey_com (Instagram)
Photo: @flowkey_com (Instagram)

With 36 black and 52 white keys, the piano tops the list for the most popular instrument in the world. If you have a piano lying around your house, then you’re in luck. That’s because you’ve got a great accompany to usher you through this period! If you need to brush up your piano skills, here’s a fantastic website that offers up to 1500 piano sheets and also introduces you to the theories!

Link(s): Flowkey


8. Level Up Your IT Skills

Photo: Guiding Tech (Official)
Photo: Udemy (Official)

In a society that relies heavily on technologies, it takes a much longer time to accomplish simple tasks without the help of Information Technologies. So if Microsoft is a part of your insecurities at the office, we thought this will be a great time to start polishing your IT skills. From hand-in-hand guidance that brings you through the different Microsoft software to learning the different hidden tricks, we truly recommend Udemy to you!

Link(s): Udemy

9. Get Started In Design

Photo: (Instagram)
Photo: Lynda (Official)

There is quite a list of meanings when it comes to design. Be it from fashion designing to floor planning. But this time around, we’re talking about editing videos and polishing pictures to upgrade the game on your Instagram. If this is your kind of thing, why don’t give Lynda a try? Featuring tutorials that touch on the fundaments of Photoshop to video editing tips, it’s something you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Link(s): Lynda

10. Enhance Your Know-Hows

Photo: @wikiHow (Instagram)
Photo: @wikiHow (Instagram)

Last but not least, on our list of activities you can learn online is to do anything! Alright, there are times at home where we are stuck with different kinds of questions such as how to fix a broken fan or how to get rid of acne. If you’re someone who has been searching for a website that answers all these questions, it’s undoubtedly at wikiHow.

Link(s): wikiHow

Surprise Your Friends With New Talents

We’ve come to an end of our list of’10 Fun And Free Activities You Can Learn Online To Enrich Your Time At Home’ and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. While it might get a little boring when we stay home to fight the spread of the Coronavirus, we thought it’ll be a great chance to pick up some new skills too! So next time you see your friend, get ready to surprise them with your talents!

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