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10 Ideas For First Dates In Kuala Lumpur

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Are you nervous about your first date? Do you want to make a really good impression? But, you don’t know what to do or where to go? No worries, we got you, fam! Here’s a list of 10 Ideas For First Dates In Kuala Lumpur!


10 Ideas For First Dates In Kuala Lumpur

1. Play Board Game At A Cafe

Photo: Time To Game (Facebook)

Instead of doing the normal coffee routine, it is time to elevate it! Playing board games are great on the first date, it cancels out the awkward silence when you run out of topic to say to your date. Smart, right? There are games that requires only two people to play, such as Scrabbles and Battleship! Kuala Lumpur has many board games cafe scattered around town. At least more than five board game cafes available for you to go with your special someone. Try out Boardgame Depot or Time To Game, for a fun outing with your first date!

2. Go For A Romantic Walk

Photo: Norazah Muhamad Azha (Facebook)

Romantic walks are the bomb to create a spark! For day time, imagine something closer to nature, and as for night time, imagine something walking around the hustle and bustle of the city in between skylines. KLCC Park is ideal for both! It has a mixture of nature, and skylines! Perfect for an evening walk! Another great park to visit is Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, a huge park that surrounds the famous Titiwangsa Lake. The peaceful park also offers other recreational activities such as bike riding!

3. Visit A Tourist Attraction

Photo: Zoo Negara (Facebook)

It is time to play tourist at home! Have you always wanted to visit a tourist attraction but you just can’t go find an ideal person to go with? Here’s your chance! There are many great tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur that you need to visit at least once in your lifetime. Do something unconventional and check out Malaysia’s National Zoo! It is an open-concept zoo with a combination of local and foreign animals. Nothing is more romantic than the moon and the stars, head to our National Planetarium for a romantic day.

4. Head To A Speakeasy

Photo: Omakase + Appreciate (Facebook)

It’s Friday night, and the feeling is right! Speakeasy, also known as hidden bars, has been booming in Malaysia in the recent years. Hidden bars are great for first dates and it gives you, and your plus one a sense of adventure as you are trying to find the door to head in. Reward yourself with a drink right after! One of the hidden bars you need to visit is Omakase + Appreciate! The magical speakeasy is the only one in Malaysia that made it to Asia’s 50 Best Bars. Sounds like the perfect place for a fancy night out.

5. Meet Up For Brunch

Photo: VCR (Facebook)

If you are looking for something simple, meeting up for brunch is the best way to go! Brunches are great if you are looking to know someone better as it leaves you a plenty of time to talk, from conversations about the weather to deep meaningful talk. Cafes are a great space for people watching too. When it comes to cafes for brunches, there are just too many! Heading down to Bangsar will give you ample options as there are many wonderful choices, from Antipodean to VCR! Check out our full listing here!

6. Catch A Show At A Comedy Club

Photo: Crackhouse Comedy Club KL (Facebook)

Laugh your heart out! Everybody loves a good comedy. Being funny is one of the best qualities to have and going to a comedy club on the first date will make it extra memorable ’cause nobody forgets a good joke. In Kuala Lumpur, there are many comedy events with local and internationals acts happening every now and then. If you are not keen to go for big events, check out Crackhouse Comedy Club KL, Malaysia’s first and longest running comedy club!

7. Go Ice Skating

Photo: Sunway Pyramid Ice (Facebook)

Ice skating is a good way to break the ice for the first date! It doesn’t matter whether you are good at it, or not, as long as you have no fear of falling, you will have a good time. It also gives you a good excuse to hold your first date’s hands. You can be their guiding star! Or, vice versa. There are a few ice skating rinks surrounding Kuala Lumpur including Sunway Pyramid Ice at Sunway Pyramid, and Icescape Ice Rink at 101 City Mall! Be prepared and bring some socks.

8. Catch Some Views

Photo: Heli Lounge Bar (Facebook)

Breathtaking views are a good way to impress your first date. It is another way to make the date memorable! Kuala Lumpur is a very beautiful city with high skyscrapers, and bright lights. Thankfully, there are many rooftop bars in the city with a view of the Petronas Twin Towers. Catch sunset views with Heli Lounge Bar, an outdoor rooftop bar, serving you some cocktails and views! Another impressive rooftop bar is SkyBar, the space comes with a cool pool in the middle.


9. Set A Bookstore Date

Photo: Junk Book Store (Facebook)

Calling all book lovers out there, this is the ideal date! Going to a bookstore together on the first date, you will have the opportunity to know about your first date’s interest. Being surrounded by so many story books, it is also a good place to tell stories about yourself! There are many amazing bookstores that awaits you! Visit the big Japanese bookstore, Kinokuniya, the 24 hours bookstore, Book Xcess, or even used bookstore, Junk Book Store. Best date ever!

10. Create Your Own Culinary Tour

Photo: KL Foodie (Instagram)

Wouldn’t it be strange if KL Foodie didn’t recommend this? There are so many things to try in Kuala Lumpur! Take the time out and plan out what your little culinary tour. Choose the number of courses you want, and plan out the route! It can be a hawker tour, cafe tour, restaurant tour, or even a mixture of everything. If you need some inspiration for food, you know we can always lend you a hand! Check out our listings to plan out your perfect first date!

That’s the end of the list! So, what are you going to do on your first date? Let us know in the comments!


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