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20 More Online Grocery Stores In Klang Valley You Can Check Out For All Your Daily Necessities

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As we’re entering the second phase of the MCO, it’s more important than ever to stay put at home. We know it’s much needed for most household to head on out to get essential groceries. But honestly it’s rather nerve-wrecking to be out and about, especially if you don’t have any facial masks left at home. So why not stay put and order from online grocery stores that cater to your every need with a single tap on your phone.


Here Are 20 Other Online Grocery Stores Delivering To Klang Valley Area

1. Lazada

Now, you can head on over to Lazada for fresh produce from local farms! Just a few days ago, a brand new Cameron Farmer’s section was created on the Lazada website that helped local farmers at Cameron Highlands have direct access to consumers. Besides, you may know very well that there’s plenty of essential goods to choose from here.

Delivery Time: Next day delivery available for Cameron Farmer’s products

Delivery Fee: From RM5

Link(s): Website

2. GrabMart

Sometimes, you may only need one or two things that you’re missing in your house. That’s where GrabMart comes in at your convenience. You can easily check out the nearest stores that GrabMart can deliver to your doorstep. Either it’s convenience stores or pharmacies, just Grab it.

Delivery Time: Same day


Delivery Fee: Starting from RM5

Link(s): Website

3. Presto Mall


Formerly known as 11street Malaysia, Presto Mall consists of everything you ever need in a single website. You’ve got everything, from head to toe, covered here. Look out for daily or monthly deals here as well! They’re currently having a Foodie Frenzy Sale that has all your favourite food selling at a cheaper price.

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days

Delivery Fee: FREE


Link(s): Website

4. Potboy Groceries

Up next, this homegrown online retail store has all your basic necessities covered. You’ll also get to uncover other homegrown brands that you don’t often hear about. What’s great is that they don’t charge for delivery! And, in part of contributing back to Mother Earth, you can hand them your recyclable items in order to win prizes too.

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days

Delivery Fee: FREE

Link(s): Website

5. BigBox Asia

From fresh goods to frozen food, BigBox Asia has got it all! Best of all – they deliver nationwide too! So, it’s not just limited to the Klang Valley. If you’re near the Melawati area, you can choose to do a self pick-up from their warehouse as well. But why drive all the way out, when you can wait for it at the comfort of your own home.

Delivery Time: 2-5 Working Days

Delivery Fee: Free Delivery Above RM100

Link(s): Website

6. My Indian Grocery

Being stuck at home, also means missing out on visiting your local Indian grocery store for some goods. Missing some herbs and spices for your homemade curry? Then, you’ll be glad that My Indian Grocery has all the spices you need online!

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days

Delivery Fee: Depends on weight of items

Link(s): Website

7. Youbeli

Next, Youbeli is established in 2015 as a premier multi-category online marketplace in Malaysia. So, besides your local produce and brands, they also carry various international brands. And yes, they deliver out of Klang Valley as well!

Delivery Time: 2-4 Working Days

Delivery Fee: Varies with product

Link(s): Website

8. Everleaf

Hugely supporting the ways of natural and organic farming, Everleaf is your one-stop for all things good for both your health and the earth. You’ll find a bunch of homegrown organic brands that you’ve yet to chance upon before as well. Besides that, a list of fresh local vegetables is updated every Thursday so you can order it for the following week.

Delivery Time: Every Monday

Delivery Fee: Included in retail price shown

Link(s): Website

9. Pokok OTG

Bet most of you know Pokok as the highly raved cafe that’s housed in a beautiful glasshouse. But you may not know this but they’re also doing their very own delivery services where you can get some basic fresh vegetables and fruits! You can also choose to self pick-up if you’re really near the area as well. Besides groceries, if you’re missing some delicious Asian Fusion food, you can get it delivered to your doorstep too.

Delivery Time: (Daily) 9AM-7PM

Delivery Fee: RM7 Min.

Link(s): Website | Facebook | Instagram

10. My Seafood Mart

With over 20 years in the fishing and seafood supplier industry, trust the team behind My Seafood Mart to deliver only the freshest goods from the ocean. Although prioritising more on the wide array of fresh fish, you can also opt for other seafood like shrimps, crabs and more. Simply order from their website and choose your preferred date and timing for delivery.

Delivery Time: (Daily) 2PM-8PM

Delivery Fee: Free Delivery Above RM200

Link(s): Website

11. Fresh4U

Next in the list is Fresh4U that was established over 10 years ago. It basically sells an array of vegetables from their very own farm in Cameron Highlands. Currently, they’re having a discount on their vegetable boxes that consist whatever you need depending on the size of your household.

Delivery Time: Every Tues, Thu & Sat

Delivery Fee: RM9

Link(s): Website

12. City Fisherman

Craving for some yong tau fu for the past few weeks? Now you can order fresh from City Fisherman! They have a selection of fresh yong tau fu set as well as handmade fish paste online. Apart from that, they also have the freshest catch from Sekinchan ready to be delivered to your doorstep. You can check out their FB page for daily updates on delivery and catch-of-the-day too.

Delivery Time: Varies due to MCO, check out their FB for daily updates

Delivery Fee: Free above RM200 (Varies in different states)

Link(s): Website | Facebook

13. TM Organic Farms

Apart from that, get your dose of organic vegetables and fruits freshly grown at the cooling mountains of Bukit Tinggi. To ease your process of choosing out what you really need, TM Organic Farms have Organic Boxes that have everything you truly need in a single box. There’s also organic kampung eggs selling here!

Delivery Time: Mondays & Tuesdays

Delivery Fee: Free with min. purchase of 4 boxes

Link(s): Website

14. Organic Express

Another organic treat for all of you, Organic Express has more variety of products up on their website for you to browse. They’ve got you covered from breakfast to dinner. Don’t forget to check out their recipe section where they’ve curated all them mouth-watering recipes using their very own ingredients!

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days

Delivery Fee: Free above RM100

Link(s): Website

15. The Little Mart

The Little Mart has everything you need to live out your fantasy of living in a French village. Providing everything French, you can get rare ingredients you don’t get to find in local online stores. Who says you can’t be fancy and treat yourself a little while staying at home.

Delivery Time: Within 48 hours in KL

Delivery Fee: RM15

Link(s): Website

16. Why Not Organic

Besides that, Why Not Organic is another organic online site that curates all the best organic brands in one single platform. With the aim of carrying premium quality organic products to every household possible, here’s where you’ll find an array of household items as well.

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days

Delivery Fee: RM15

Link(s): Website

17. Bonisken Seafood Market

Up next, this is for all your salmon-lovers out there! Bonisken Seafood Market has all your salmon needs fulfilled. From fresh to smoked, they’ve got it all right here. It’s not just any salmon, but it’s air-flown fresh Norwegian salmon. There’s also a plethora of frozen seafood for you choose from.

Delivery Time: 3 Working Days

Delivery Fee: Free above RM300

Link(s): Website

18. Lalamove

Pretty sure you’ve known Lalamove as the delivery service, but bet most of you didn’t know that they deliver groceries too! Besides that, they can also help to get your daily necessities from specific places in the Klang Valley and deliver them to right to your house. How convenient is that!

Delivery Time: Same day delivery available

Delivery Fee: From RM5

Link(s): Website

19. Love Earth

Yes, it’s another organic online shop! No, you don’t need a reason to take care of your body by consuming more health-based products. You can get all kinds of nuts, seeds, grains at Love Earth. Do check out their promotion section for weekly deals as well.

Delivery Time: 2-3 Working Days

Delivery Fee: Free Above RM150

Link(s): Website

20. Drinkies

Last but certainly not least, Drinkies does not necessarily have your daily essentials here, since they only deliver chilled alcoholic beverage. Well, who says you can’t enjoy a little at the comfort of your own home. Especially when you’re in need to wind down a little during the weekends and can’t head out. Just remember, drink responsibly!

Delivery Time: An hour when you order before 11pm

Delivery Fee: Free Above RM120

Link(s): Website

Get All Your Groceries Without Heading Out With Any Of These Online Grocery Stores

It’s gloomy to even think twice to our local grocery stores nowadays. But look at the bright side – you can always use this period to try something new. Maybe a little French food to keep your spirits up? Oui! Anyways, if you’ve yet to try out online grocery shopping, you can always try it today. Stay home and stay safe, everyone!

Feature image: @potboygroceries (Facebook) | (Website) | (Facebook)

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