5 Reasons Why Celcom Xpax Postpaid Is The Best Value Plan For You

Have you ever experienced this before? You were watching videos on YouTube when suddenly, you were stuck with a never-ending loading screen because you had just run out of Internet. Or, you are unable to play games with your friends because of your phone’s speed even though you troubleshoot it so many times. Then it is time to search for a better mobile plan and smartphone, and here are 5 reasons why Celcom Xpax Postpaid will be perfect for you!


Benefits & Rewards You Can Enjoy With Celcom Xpax Postpaid

1. Experience The Widest Network In Malaysia

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As the pioneer of mobile telecommunication providers in Malaysia, Celcom has been successful in establishing network coverage throughout the nation. With the brand’s 30 years of experience, Celcom was presented the Ookla® Speedtest AwardsTM for Best Mobile Coverage, exemplifying its efforts in providing the widest coverage and consistent performance in network services. So you never have to worry about network coverage again!

2. The Only Mobile Plan With UNLIMITED Internet For YouTube, Facebook And Instagram

Are you someone who loves to swipe through social media, or watch funny videos all day long? Then you are in luck! With Celcom Xpax Postpaid, you can have unlimited Internet for your favourite social media apps: YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. It is also the only mobile plan in Malaysia that provides limitless Internet for your daily social fun. Now you do not need to wait an eternity for your video to load.

3. Enjoy up to 20GB Of High-Speed Internet With An Extra 10 GB FREE Upgrade

That’s not all! Get more high-speed Internet as you sign up for a plan of up to 20GB, and receive an upgrade of another 10GB for FREE! Starting from 7 June, Celcom is introducing a limited-time upgrade to 30GB of High-Speed Internet for faster and uninterrupted connections. Not to mention you can enjoy all of these without signing any contract!

4. New range of smartphones from as low as RM199 with 0 upfront payment

Looking for a new phone? Look no further because Celcom is offering you a good deal you cannot resist. Pair up your preferred plan with a device of your choice from as low as RM199 with Celcom Xpax Postpaid. Also, you do not need to pay any upfront payment so that means you only need to pay for the phone.

There’s more! With the rise of 5G connectivity in Malaysia, Celcom is already ahead with their 5G ready SIM cards. Therefore, you do not need to replace your SIM, and you will always be ready for the future.


5. More And More Benefits 

While you sign up with Celcom for the first time, you will receive a welcome gift worth 5GB of Internet for FREE. Furthermore, take advantage of monthly lifestyle rewards in dining, shopping, games, travel and so much more. Get more personalised deals with Just4ME, a personalised platform that is based on your lifestyle needs that will provide you daily deals via Celcom Life App. With Celcom Xpax Postpaid, there is only more, no less. 

Sign Up For The Best Value Mobile Plan

And that is why Celcom Xpax Postpaid is the perfect mobile plan for you! Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy benefits including UNLIMITED Internet for social fun, amazing variety of phone choices you can pair up with NO UPFRONT PAYMENT, FREE upgrade of 10GB High-Speed Internet, and more rewards coming your way. Learn more about this awesome plan and device offers by visiting your nearest Celcom bluecube and certified Celcom dealers.  


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