8 Signs You’re A True Malaysian (Food Edition)

Have you ever wondered what makes one a true Malaysian? Maybe it is defined in the way we have shared similar memories during our schooling years. For example, we love the MILO truck that stops by at our school. Or, the mandatory brushing of teeth in one line with our classmates. Ahh..memories. As we celebrate Malaysia’s independence and turning 65 this year, let’s take a look at some of the tell-tale signs that will make you go, ‘Eh, this one only Malaysians can relate to!’ This time, we’re doing a food edition so let’s get started!


8 Things All Malaysians Can (Confirm) Relate To!

1. Teh Tarik for breakfast, lunch and dinner


Just like how we can have Nasi Lemak for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Teh Tarik is one Malaysian drink that we can have at any time throughout the day.

2. Comforting Milo panas celup segi empat crackers when you’re feeling slightly hungry or not too well

What makes the ultimate quick snack for Malaysians? Of course, it’s the segi empat crackers dipped into a warm cup of Milo. Or for some of us, we love breaking the biscuits into small pieces and letting them soak in Milo before scooping them up with a spoon.

3. When you hear “ding ding ding”, you know that’s the Roti Man


Next up, when you hear “ding ding ding”, you know Roti Man is right around the neighbourhood. Time to stock up on snacks and of course, the iconic Roti Benggali + Kaya. Yums.

4. Maggi goreng tambah telur mata kerbau

Next up, when we’re out at a Mamak, our go-to order will always be Maggi Goreng. Of course, not forgetting to tambah telur mata kerbau. 

5. Shout for uncle to wait when you hear “Mat Kool Mat Kool Kawan Ku” song 


The very first sign you know you’re a true Malaysian is when you have to rush out the door and shout for the ice cream Uncle to wait(x3) when you hear the “Mat Kool, Mat Kool Kawan Ku’ jingle. Then, once you get your favourite ice cream and head home, you realize you accidentally wore mismatched slippers because you got overly excited. We get it.

6. Nasi Kandar with Kuah Banjir

Signs You're A True Malaysian

When ordering Nasi Kandar, we will always, ALWAYS end our order with ‘Bang, bagi Kuah Banjir’. We love our plate overflowing with Kuah, that’s just the way we roll.


7. DURIAN and anything and everything durian 

Signs You're A True Malaysian

As true Malaysians, we love Durians, especially Musang King for its creamy, buttery flesh and pungent, bitter-sweet aroma. This leads to our obsession for the King of Fruits that we also enjoy anything and everything made with Durian. Cendol, cake, smoothie, ice cream, you name it. 

Signs You're A True Malaysian


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Signs You're A True Malaysian

 8. Shout GOAL with football fans at Mamak

Signs You're A True Malaysian

There’s nothing more Malaysian than when we gather with our friends at a Mamak stall to watch a football match together. When our favourite team scores a goal, we shout GOAL! at the top of our lungs and somehow, this makes us feel more united than ever with those around us, even when they are mere strangers.

Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysia!

So, did you nod your head as you were reading the list above? If you can relate to at least 5 of them, then congratulations and welcome to the club for you are one true Malaysian! And, in the spirit of a true Malaysian who will never forget the good ol’ days, Selamat Hari Merdeka.

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