8 Steamboat Places in Cheras To Satisfy Your Cravings on Rainy Days

What better way to warm our bellies on a cold rainy day than with a bowl of hot tasty soup? In this case, it’s a whole pot filled with delicious broth simmering in the centre of the table before everyone turns into Gordon Ramsay and dunks every ingredient they can find into it. Pork bone soup, tom yam, herbal soup and even the classic chicken soup, there is an extensive variety of broth bases for you to choose from and everyone knows a good soup base is the essence to a perfect steamboat! Since we Malaysians are probably all too familiar with the concept and guilty of eating it frequently, we shall dive into the 8 Steamboat Places in Cheras To Satisfy Your Cravings on Rainy Days.


8 Steamboat Places in Cheras To Satisfy Your Cravings on Rainy Days

1.CoCo Steamboat

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This is one of the few restaurants that made it to the top thanks to their signature pork bone soup. It ticks off every box when it comes to the perfect soup base – rich, milky and flavourful all in one pot. Plus, refills are free so slurp and drink away! They serve a decent portion of ingredients which is sufficient for big groups and they have other finger food as well which are great for munching on while waiting for the soup to boil. We highly recommend their deep fried pork belly with shrimp paste which is super crispy; trust us, it’s going to be your new addiction.

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Address : 25, Jalan 1/119, Taman Bukit Hijau, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hours: 5:30pm- 11:30pm. Opens daily.

2. Dragon Door Inn Steamboat

credit @ ziazia311 (instagram)

Nestled along the street of Jalan Manis, Taman Segar, its exterior will surely catch your attention with their bright red lanterns hanging from above. Forget about the conventional way of cooking on a gas stove, Dragon Door Inn breaks away from the norm by using a charcoal pit instead. So, get ready to be drenched in sweat or pro tip: try to sit further away from the pit and avoid the heat! Their pork bone soup and herbal soup seem to be crowd favourites and since they go on an a la carte basis, the bill could be a little hefty but with their fresh ingredients and impeccable service, it is definitely worth a try.

credit @ william82sg (instagram)

Address : 18-1, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar, 56100 Batu 9 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Opearing Hours : Mon-Fri 5pm – 12am, Sat-Sun 3pm – 12am

3. Taifeng Taiwanese Hotpot

credit @ wynn262 (instagram)

If you’re looking for a cozy spot with a relaxing ambience to enjoy Taiwanese hot pot with your pals, Taifeng is the place for you. This restaurant is often raved by foodies for its signature sour vege soup base. Tangy and packed with flavour, this broth is an exceptional choice if you’re up for something different. Additionally, true steamboat lovers would be aware of another factor that makes a shop stand out from the rest – their dipping sauce, and Taifeng’s signature dipping sauce is certainly a winning point for the restaurant.

credit @ sookling21 (instagram)
credit @ waileng0217 (instagram)

Address: A-1-UG, Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180, 43200 Cheras 9 Miles, Selangor
Operating Hours : 5pm-11pm. Opens daily.

4. Watercress Steamboat

credit @ sf.toh (instagram)

Another one of a kind steamboat restaurant to add to the list has got be Watercress Steamboat. A fan of watercress or itching to go on another food adventure? You’re gonna have to give this place a shot. They are famous for their watercress soup base (duh!) but if you’re not fond of this vegetable, feel free to go for their tom yam base instead. We would say this is relatively affordable, so it’s perfect for gathering and splitting the bill.

credit @ yinheng1028 (instagram)
credit @ watercresssteamboat (facebook)

Address: 176G – 177G, Jalan Dataran Cheras 9 Cheras Traders Square Cheras Traders Square, Balakong Cheras, 43200 Balakong, Selangor
Operating Hours: 5pm- 12am. Opens daily.


5. HO HO STEAMBOAT 好好海鲜火锅之家

credit @ a_hearthand (instagram)

Established in the 1990s, Ho Ho Steamboat has surely stood the test of time. Patrons seem to always come back for more due to their consistency when it comes to producing top-notch flavours. Their steamboat ingredients, especially seafood is sourced from Pulau Ketam and you can bet that they are super fresh. Ho Ho’s soup base is something that no one can recreate as it is a family’s secret recipe, so that’s how you know only Ho Ho can satisfy your cravings when it comes to their delicious clear soup base. Best quality seafood and unique broth? Count us in!

credit @ crystal_yps (instagram)
credit @ astrology_com (instagram)

Address: No. B26-G, Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180, 43200 Batu 9 Cheras, Selangor
Operating Hours: 3:30pm-12am. Opens daily.

6. Restoran Steamboat Le Tian 樂天火鍋專門店

credit @ ken_lai1299 (instagram)

If Coco Steamboat is known for their pork bone soup, Le Tian definitely comes in a close second. Some foodies have even claimed it to be better than Coco Steamboat and we would say that it really depends on your preference. They use a variety of fresh ingredients so you’ll be spoilt for choice. The only downside is that it can be a little crowded and finding parking may be a pain in the neck. So, be sure to come earlier or take the MRT to avoid the traffic!

credit @ jaimecri (instagram)
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Address : 10, Jalan Mutiara Timur, Taman Mutiara Timur, 55100 Batu 9 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Opearating Hour : 5pm-12am. Opens daily.

7. Restoran Choong Huat

credit @ alasasaa (instagram)

They may not have special soup bases but they do have a wide selection of broths that will certainly tickle your taste buds. This reputable place in Cheras serves steamboat at a reasonable price, so it won’t cost you an arm and leg. No fancy interiors but this is great if you want to experience Cheras steamboat the old school way. They serve BBQ prawns, chicken wings and fish too which are the perfect appetizers so that no one gets hangry.

credit @ janicekongg
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Address : Block P/E,, 22, Jalan 23, Taman Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hours: 5:30pm -12am. Opens daily.


8.  BANG!霸气火锅

credit @ bangbaqihotpot (facebook)

Recently opened not long ago, you probably have never heard of this place as it is overshadowed by all the established steamboat shops in Cheras. This is a rare place in Cheras where you can opt for 4 different types of broth base so there’s is certainly something for everyone! It is quite spacious so you can move around easily and with such a cozy environment, you can surely catch up with your steamboat buddies in peace. They might not be the cheapest option but if you’re ready to splurge, you can try out something new!

credit @ bangbaqihotpot (facebook)
credit @ bangbaqihotpot (facebook)

Address: 86G, Jalan Dataran Cheras 6, 43200 Batu 9 Cheras, Selangor
Operating Hours : 4:30pm-11:30pm.Opens daily.

8 Steamboat Places in Cheras To Satisfy Your Cravings on Rainy Days

There you go! We’ve covered 8 places to satisfy your steamboat cravings in Cheras so it’s time to jio your family and friends to bond over a boiling pot of yummy goodness. Feel free to leave more suggestions if you have any and share this to your friends and families to give them a hint 😉

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