Malaysia’s 1st Ever Group Buy App Allows You To Buy Items Below Market Price!

If there’s one thing we all love aside from food, it’s shopping! But with all the online shopping platforms out there, if only there’s one stop for all our favourite items with greater deals… Introducing 8excite+, Malaysia’s first and only Group Buy Community app! With this app, you can buy everything at a lower price through group buys, and most importantly, have it all shipped in one go! 


But Wait, What Is A Group Buy? 


Group buy is a community of people purchasing items together in groups to grab the best deals in town!

8excite+ Allows Shoppers To Join Or Initiate Group Buys For Greater Deals


This platform lets you experience shopping like never before!


You can choose from Snacks & Groceries, Health & Beauty, Mobile & Gadgets, Home & Living to many more, waiting for you to explore! 


How it works is shoppers can join or initiate group buys to purchase items from over 100 brands together at exclusive below-market prices!



In other words, you and your group buddies can purchase products with competitive below-market prices and the best deals in town if the group buy is successful. 


Not to mention, all products are guaranteed to be 100% authentic!



Best of all, you can also choose your shipping methods – either Direct or Bundle Shipment. 




Direct shipment is for those who want speedy delivery and to get their hands on their items as soon as possible. While for bundle shipment, shoppers only have to pay ONCE to ship all their purchases in one go!

There’s more! You can also earn Excite Points for your every spending and use these points to pay for future purchases.

Join 8excite+ To Enjoy A Greater Online Shopping Experience

Download 8excite+ on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and vamp up your shopping experience today! 

Then, all you need to do is:

  1. Register or log in to your 8excite+ app.
  2. Shop all your favourite products from over 100 brands.
  3. Join in or initiate a group buy to purchase your products.
  4. Proceed items to checkout, and select your preferred shipping (Direct or Bundle shipment) as well as your payment option. 
  5. You will then be notified once your group buy is successful!
  6. If you select bundle shipment, you can proceed with all your items to checkout, claim any available shipping vouchers and ship them in one go.
  7. You can also copy your purchased item’s link and share it with your family and friends so that they can enjoy the great deals too!

Excite Points

8excite+’s Super8 Grand Launch Campaign

Celebrate 8excite+’s Super8 Grand Launch Campaign on the 18th of August 2022!

Here’s what you can look forward to! From 18th to 31st of August, users that shop and spend above RM88 will receive a Mystery Gift and earn 3X Excite Points when a minimum of RM88 is spent! 

Better yet, users can also get a FREE RM8 OFF Voucher and FREE Shipping Voucher available from the 18th to the 31st of August. Just spend a minimum of RM88 and enjoy these exciting perks and promos! 

Above all, the top spenders of the Super8 Grand Launch from the 18th of August to the 30th of September will also walk away with exclusive branded prizes! 

That’s Not All!


On top of the Super8 Grand Launch perks and promos, there are other ways for you to enjoy more offers too!

You can earn more points with 8excite+’s referral program too! Earn 888 points (RM8.88) for every successful referral, and earn an additional 388 points (RM3.88) on your referred friend’s first purchase. So, share your referral code now with your family and friends!

But how do you use these Excite Points, you say? Well, first, you can redeem these points on your next purchase in the app and cut down on your bill!

You can also redeem them on all 8excite+’s business partner platforms too, like insurance from Takaful, when you travel with Matta Online, gadgets from PIKOM, food from Farm to Table, and even when you shop from Youbeli, Mybeli, V-Mall, and so on! Not to mention that when you purchase on these business partner platforms, you’ll earn Excite Points too. 

There are just never-ending points to earn, save, and earn again with 8excite+, your No. 1 Go-To Lifestyle Loyalty Program.

Life is better when you can share it – spread the good news and enjoy below-market price products and greater deals with your group buddies, only with 8excite+!

For more information on 8excite+, visit

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