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The 99 Wonderland Park (Wildlife Park in the City) Has Malayan Tapir in Jacuzzi, Malayan Sunbear, Dinosaur Park & Many More Attractions

A Wildlife Park in the heart of KL!

Good day foodies, how are you? With the current pandemic situation, travelling overseas sounds impossible. This allows us Malaysians to explore all the attractions and hidden gems in the country. There are many more destinations than shopping malls, cafes and island hopping. The NEW transformation of 99 Wonderland Park (Wildlife in the City) for one, is a great spot for weekend family activities. We kid you not, they have over 99 species of animals and 34 attractions under one roof. They are back, better & brighter after MCO. So come and visit them from 28 August 2020 onwards, continue reading to find out all the attractions.


99 Wonderland Park: A Wildlife in the City

While getting closer to nature has always been an encouragement, the journey, aka drive from the city can be exhausting. 99 Wonderland Park (Wildlife Park in the City) is located at the heart of KL which offer you a great opportunity to get closer with animals.


The 25-acre unique recreational park has been transformed into an urban style wildlife park, which adopts an open concept, whereby visitors get to interact with wildlife animals, including petting and feeding. It’s a great spot to bring your kids along so that they could have fun and bond with the family, putting aside those cold, hard gadgets.

Exclusive: A Peak Into Activities Available at 99 Wonderland Park

There are so many exciting activities available at the recreational park that we actually grouped them into categories just for you, you’re welcome.

#1 The Mini Zoo

Probably the most anticipated event in 99 Wonderland Park (Wildlife Park in the City): Finding all the animals. Don’t you just love exploring a park with a map in your hand? It’s like treasure hunt, but better. On Wild Island, saltwater crocodile (buaya tembaga), 99 monster fish, 99 sun bear (beruang matahari), Malayan Tapir, Gibbon, and many more is waiting for you to pay them a visit. (PS: 99 is not the number of animals, but purely their name)


Petting & Feeding Zone


Here, find cute animals like deer, mara, raccoon, rabbits, and more. Not only do you get to say hi, but also feed them and interact with them!


The Award Winning Exhibits- The First Malayan Tapir with Jacuzzi in Malaysia

One of our Malaysian pride, the Malayan Tapir is here! Have you ever seen a Malayan Tapir enjoys a spa aka Jacuzzi? Pay a visit now to ‘Junior’ and ‘Peratong’, the luckiest Malayan Tapir to enjoy the Jacuzzi. They’re one of the award winners in World Excellence Tourism Awards 2020. Not only that, there’s a deer yard and bird square with different breeds surrounding you.



#2 Rides and Entertainment


99 Wonderland Park (Wildlife Park in the City) is serious when it comes to delivering the best experience to their visitors. Immerse yourself in bundles of joy at the 99 Madagascar Carousel Ride. What’s more? There’s even a lake where you can enjoy 99 Paddle Boat Ride and 99 Cruise Ride with an actual 99 Jetty. If you take a ride on them across the lake, you would stand a chance to sail pass those birds that are circling the lake.

The Cafe


Need a break in between fun rides and animal searches? Unwind and enjoy some light refreshment in their in-house cafe, before heading to the next attraction. With current pandemic situation, the café is serving packed food for safety purpose. Subsequently, when the situation allows, 99 Wonderland Park (Wildlife in the City) will be serving buffet!

#3 Camera-Ready Corners


99 Wonderland Park (Wildlife in the City) set up not just one or two photo spots, but MANY of them, scattered across the park. Our favourite? LED Eiffel Tower (10-meter height), 99 Windmill (6-meter height), London Telephone, “I Love KL” sculpture, Golden Waterfall, 99 Zoo Lights, 99 Universal Bear, Panda Street (Kungfu Panda) and colourful water fountain are just a few to name.



Before we forget, visitors also can lock their blessings with the 99 Wonderland Park Lovelocks session at the Magical Bridge. The 99 Dinosaur Park, which brings you Jurassic Park vibe. Don’t miss out the 12 Zodiac Zone, we heard they’re 200-meter in length, have fun taking a ton of pictures.


#4 Zoovenir & Transports


A park wouldn’t be complete without a souvenir shop. Bring home one or two cute pieces from the Zoovenir at 99 Wonderland Park (Wildlife in the City) to keep as a memory.

A tip for our “If I can sit I will not walk” friends, they have a train station and buggy station so you can tour around the park without having to walk on your two feet, and we’re not hating it.

Fun Fact: 99 Wonderland Park (Wildlife in the City) is the first recreational park in KL featuring attractive 0065 LED lights at night and wildlife animals or birds, it is truly a short escape to nature in the concrete jungle. Not only is the park a great leisure spot for family activities, we, in return, get to know more about the animals. Tickets go as low as RM15 as for now, for adult per entry (refer picture above), which in our opinion, is a steal.

99 Wonderland Park (Wildlife in the City) has spent more than RM 50 million to build up this park for society to enjoy and spend their leisure time with their family and friends.

Foodies, what are you waiting for? Tag your weekend buddies and share this recreational spot with them. Mark your calendar and bring along your family members to 99 Wonderland Park on 28 August 2020 onwards.

Fret not as 99 Wonderland Park (Wildlife in the City) has implemented strict SOP for safety purpose, such like social-distancing, temperature recording, sanitizer, masks be worn at all time and many more!!!

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments, stay safe and have a great day ahead, buh bye!

99 Wonderland Park (Wildlife Park in the City)

Location: 99 Wonderland Park
Address: Jalan 13a, Pusat Bandar Utara Selayang, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor.
Operating Hour: 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m , 5 p.m.-1 a.m. (Every day except for Monday)
Website (More Info):
Contact: 03-61283799

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