Watch: This Adorable Uncle Selling And Hyping His Wife’s Homemade Buns At RNR Sungai Buloh

So sweet!

People who are passionate about their work are always the best to be around with. It’s the kind of people that can channel their positivity to the surrounding people and would always face their problems heads on. Like this pak cik who sells his wife’s homemade buns with great love and enthusiasm at RNR Sungai Buloh.

Selling 22 Different Kinds Of Buns

The video that was shared by @aisyaj on Twitter gained a lot of attention recently. This is all thanks to the pak cik’s cheerful attitude and his never-ending love given to his wife’s homemade buns. Selling 22 different kinds of buns, the pak cik explained clearly in English about the ingredients used to make the buns. Making the video all the more entertaining to watch.

Underrated. The softest buns in KL? 100%. They put it a lot of fillings for a price so cheap! Their Kaya Butter Bun is way too tasty. I would definitely buy it every day for breakfast if only they sell it close to my home.

Endless Praises To His Wife

rnr bun
Photo: @aisyaj (Twitter)

According to Aisya, the way he promotes his products, and his endless praises to his wife is fascinating. Apparently, they have been selling buns for 11 years. And a lot of their customers agreed that the buns sold are indeed fluffy and delicious.

rnr bun
Photo: @aisyaj (Twitter)

Apparently, He Is Also A Professor!

FYI, he’s a professor. They don’t sell at Putrajaya anymore but you can still find them at Pasar Tani Pagi Setiawangsa every Saturday.

On the other hand, said by a netizen in the comment section, the pak cik is actually a professor. Which, when you think about it, explains a lot about his easy to approach personality. Obviously, his enthusiasm and passion melt the hearts of many. If you ever get the chance to stop at RNR Sungai Buloh, make sure to show them your support okay?

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