AEON Is Providing Personal Shopper Service For A Worry Free Shopping Experience

Shop fast, shop safe


  • AEON now provides a personal shopper service.
  • Give them a list of your item and wait for your groceries to arrive.
  • Great for a faster, and low contact shopping.

Hello friends! Looks like tough time calls for creativity. In order to survive together, any action that would help to assist us and reduce the public’s anxiety is highly encouraged. Good deeds are getting mainstream and we are loving it. So when AEON announced that they are providing personal shopper at their supermarkets, how can we not talk about it?

AEON Personal Shopper
Photo: (Facebook)

Have Someone Else Shop For You

If you have never used a personal shopper before, here is your chance to give it a try! This is one of AEON’s initiatives to support people during the movement restriction order. Shafie Shamsuddin, CEO of AEON Retail Malaysia, had just come out with a video today to explain this service. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps for comfortable and safe shopping experience:

1. Drop your order to their Personal Shopper.
2. Wait in your car or have a seat while they pick up the items for you.
3. They will contact you once your order is ready to be collected.
4. Make payment at their appointed cashier counter.

 AEON Personal Shopper
Photo: (Facebook)

Low Contact Shopping For Higher Safety

This is definitely a great service especially for the elderly and the disabled. Apart from avoiding all of the physical contacts that you may do when you shop on your own, you might be able to shop faster too! Considering that the personal shoppers consist of AEON’s own staff. They can definitely get the job done easily as they would have already known where could the items be found and whether it is still in stock or not.

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