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This Majestic Waterfall At Sungai Siput Perak Should Be In Every Nature Explorer’s Bucket List


  • Air Terjun Lata Penyel is a must-visit for every nature explorer.
  • It is located at Kampung Pendeq Pos Yum, an Orang Asli village.
  • Visitors must hike their way to the waterfall.

Hello, friends! Due to the closure of international borders, Malaysians are now discovering hidden gems scattered around the country. The hashtag, #CutiCutiMalaysia2020 is widely used as Malaysians are sharing their adventures on social media platforms. Well, are you ready to go on an adventure? This time around, we’re heading to Sungai Siput at Perak.

Introducing The Majestic Lata Penyel At Sungai Siput

Photo: Irfan Zuklifi (Facebook)
Photo: Irfan Zuklifi (Facebook)

Before we get started, here’s a noteworthy waterfall quote by Rishabh Gautam to live by, “Waterfalls wouldn’t sound so melodious if there were no rocks in their way”. As you can imagine, this particular waterfall is nothing but rocky. Brilliantly located at Sungai Siput, approximately an hour away from Ipoh, Air Terjun Lata Penyel is a must-visit for all nature explorers!

Photo: Jatt Rohaizad (Facebook)
Photo: Fahmi Nordin (Facebook)

Prepare your hiking shoes, as getting to Air Terjun Lata Penyel requires some stamina. Additionally, food, beverages, towel, and change of clothes are highly recommended to bring along. Make your way to Kampung Pendeq Pos Yum, an Orang Asli village. This spot is 30 minutes away from Bukit Berekeh. Air Terjun Lata Penyel is definitely worth hiking for as the picturesque view is like no other.

Put It In Your Bucket List

Photo: Fahmi Nordin (Facebook)

When you are planning for a road trip to Perak, this is a must-visit spot to complete your itinerary! Additionally, remember to check out other interesting spots such as Kellie’s Castle for a tour in an incomplete castle, and Tempurung Cave for interesting rock formations. Of course, don’t forget to munch on some food at Ipoh, too! Who will you be going to Air Terjun Lata Penyel with? Time to tag them in the comments!

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