Jemput Makan Buffet With Over 400 Dishes and 10 Live Action Stalls To Fill Your Bellies Only In May 2019!

30 Days of Scrumptious Treats! #JemputMakanAtTRC

It’s that time of the year again: The Resort Cafe is back with their annual Jemput Makan-themed buffet. For 30 Delicious Days from 6th May 2019 to 4th June 2019, we are thrilled for our fellow foodies to savour this all-you-can-eat buffet. Inspired by the expression “jemput makan” which literally translates into “come eat with us!”, The Resort Cafe invites diners to indulge in the feast and appreciate the variety of traditional flavours from all over Malaysia (and across the sea as well).

All-You-Can-Eat Buffet at The Resort Cafe With Over 400 Authentic Flavours

Source : The Resort Cafe

Unity, diversity and shared love for delicious local food are some of the best things about our beloved country, and there is no better place to celebrate these than at The Resort Cafe’s mouthwatering buffet which features more than 400 authentic dishes. The Resort Cafe’s team had kindly invited KL Foodie over for their media preview and since we were one of the first guests to have a taste of this exquisite buffet line, we’re more than happy to share our thoughts! Read on if you’d like to find out more.

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The Masterminds Behind This Exquisite Buffet Spread

The delectable feast was prepared by a talented crew of chefs led by Chef Mohamad Yatim Supaat, Sous Chef Tournant of The Resort Cafe with over 20 years of experience working in local and international hotels. So fret not, the spread is going to be worth every penny; you won’t leave feeling disappointed and hungry because we certainly didn’t!

10 Bazaar-Style Live Action Stations Await You

With ten (10) bazaar-style live action stations occupying the outdoor area, the team aims to provide an energetic and bustling atmosphere similar to bazaars around Malaysia for guests to take in the full range of offerings. Featuring an impressive selection of local dishes from savoury to sweet, the ten (10) stalls include Assam Pedas Gearbox Station, Churrasco Station, Seafood Bakar Station, Golek Station, Kawah Station, Warisan Station, Noodle Station, Nasi Station, Satay Station and Goreng-Goreng Station. Have we got you (guys) drooling yet? We made our way to each of the food stalls as the enticing aroma wafted through the air and triggered our taste buds.

Are You Ready To Feast?

Kicking things off with the Assam Pedas Gearbox Station, the culinary team has put their own spin on the restaurant’s signature Gearbox Turbo Soup. A little backstory on their Gearbox Turbo Soup: it was inspired by an Indian-Muslim cook who first came up with the recipe at his stall along Jalan Sultan in Singapore. This year, they have decided to serve the dish with assam pedas soup instead for a more fiery and local take. The soup was rich in flavour and trying the accompanying bone marrow was a first for us. Thankfully, it wasn’t a letdown. This crowd-favourite is cooked over a slow fire for eight (8) hours and individual bone marrow is served to diners from a large cauldron. As you walk past this station, you’re going to be swept off your feet by this aromatic treat.

Source : Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa (Facebook)

The next station that we came across was the Churrasco Station which features a wide selection of tender meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, all of which are grilled to perfection by the chef himself. Meat lovers are going to go crazy over this station and what is more, it’s all-you-can-eat grilled beef, chicken and lamb, so be sure to eat to your heart’s content and get your money’s worth. We topped them off with some of the condiments provided and it complemented the succulent meat perfectly. You can also opt for Middle Eastern offerings such as minced chicken kebab and minced seafood kofta kebab to name a few.


Source : The Resort Cafe

Moving on to Seafood Bakar Station, this is where you can get fresh seafood like ikan pari, kembong, Hokkaido squid, prawns, kupang and clams, among others. These are prepared a la minute by the chefs, who aspire to provide the freshest and best ingredients for guests, so rest assured that your dish will be served hot and straight from the grill. Additionally, we highly recommend enjoying these catches from the sea with the various types of homemade sambal available at the station as well.

Source : The Resort Cafe

There is also a carving station, otherwise known as the Golek Station. One of the highlights at this station is the whole lamb from which the chefs carved slices of tender meat and served onto our plate upon ordering. The lamb is marinated overnight with more than 25 different local spices as well as mixed herbs including old ginger, garlic, lemongrass, galangal, salt, masala, coriander, yoghurt, mint and cumin before roasting it slowly for a total of four (4) hours to retain the moisture of the juicy meat. With so many spices and ingredients that went into preparing this dish, we knew it was going to be packed with spectacular flavours. Indeed, this was one of, if not our most favourite dish from the buffet spread; our only regret was stopping at seconds and not going for more.


Meanwhile, the Kawah Station features a range of gulai kawah served in super large cauldrons. This station comprises eight (8) rotational gulai kawah varieties, namely gulai ayam kampung, gulai ikan tenggiri, gulai ayam lengkus, gulai ikan siakap kepak, gulai daging, gulai kambing, gulai ikan pari and gulai nangka muda.

Source : The Resort Cafe

The Warisan Station serves up nostalgic flavours and some of our all-time favourites like rendang tok, serunding, bubur lambuk, lemang bakar and ketupat. If you fancy taking a walk down memory lane and reminiscing the good old days, you should definitely head over to this station. We sampled their bubur lambuk and it tastes just like grandma’s cooking. Creamy and appetizing, we were practically salivating as the chef stirred the bubbling porridge around in the pot.

Source : The Resort Cafe
Source : The Resort Cafe

As proud Asians ourselves, we know nothing would go better with their Rendang Tok (or any other dish even) than a bowl of fragrant rice. For this reason, the Jemput Makan buffet also features a Nasi Station with nine (9) different specialty rice dishes which are perfect for our fellow “rice buckets” (fan tong), a colloquial Chinese term used to refer to someone who loves eating rice. Between the nine options however, the stuffed quail briyani definitely steals the spotlight. Quail meat marinated for hours with heaps of aromatic spices, yogurt and herbs, and stuffed with delectable Briyani rice – this is surely a must-try for all the briyani rice fans out there!

Source : The Resort Cafe

If you’re more of a noodles person instead, the Noodle Station has a considerable range of noodle treats and guests will definitely be spoilt with choices. These include some of our local favourites like fried kway teow and mee goreng, as well as nyonya laksa lemak, assam laksa, prawn mee and wonton mee soup for those who fancy something hot and soupy. You’ll be able to select your preferred type of noodles which the chefs will proceed to blanche in boiling water before serving the dish with a helping of flavourful broth and fresh garnish.

Source : Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa (Facebook)

How could we possibly miss out on satay when it comes to buffets? Thanks to Satay Station, you can have satay as the perfect starter for your meal before indulging in all the heavy mains. Be sure to drop by the station and help yourself to their tender beef and chicken satay which are charcoal-grilled to perfection. Served alongside the usual ketupat, cucumber, onion, and not forgetting the most crucial ingredient to the best satay – home-made peanut sauce, we can’t say no to this local delight.

Source : The Resort Cafe

Last but not least, the tenth stall featured in the buffet is the Goreng-Goreng Station. Remember when you used to enjoy afternoon snacks such as goreng pisang and cempedak goreng after school? Well, you can have those right here. We spotted some of our childhood favourites and were genuinely excited when we saw the chefs frying up these yummy goodies, including goreng pisang, cempedak goreng, keropok lekor, karipap, ubi keladi and ubi keledek among others. Let us know which one you miss the most!


Source : Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa (Facebook)

Within the indoor space of The Resort Cafe, you can find traditional Malay dishes such as sambal udang with petai, perut lembu masak air assam, kupang masak merah berserai as well as ayam masak ala gajus. (That was a bit of a mouthful!) At the same time, a decent variety of Chinese, Indian and Western cuisines constitute the backbone of the buffet spread.

If you’re craving salad, head over to their Salad Tower which offers traditional ulam varities as well as a mixture of local harvests like kacang botol, petai, daun selom, jantung pisang and pickled fruit. Make sure you have it with some of the homemade Asian dressings as well!

Source : The Resort Cafe

To wrap up this heavenly spread, we had to save some space for the sweets but either way, there’s always room for dessert (hehe). An extensive range of local and western desserts are available at the buffet such as pudding, buah Melaka, apam kelapa and many more. There’s also an assortment of cookies with some our personal favourites, kuih bangki, kuit kapit and dodol. The list is endless so sweet tooth foodies, shall this be your first stop?


The Space : Cozy And Inviting Ambience – Perfect For Gatherings

The Resort Cafe’s spacious dining area makes it perfect for groups to get together and bond over authentic and delicious local flavours. With its unpretentious design and cosy ambience, you’ll be seated comfortably and have easy access to the buffet line.

So, what is our verdict?

We were definitely overwhelmed with the exceptional variety of food options offered. Who would have thought it was possible to serve up over 400 dishes in a day? We had a fantastic gastronomic experience at The Resort Cafe Jemput Makan buffet, that’s for sure. With its innovative live bazaar concept, we’re sure our Foodies will love it too!

Book Your Reservations Now!

Themed “Jemput Makan” buffet will be running from 6 May 2019 to 4 June 2019 from 6:30pm-10:30pm and is priced at RM188 nett per adult and RM98 nett per child ( aged 6 to 12 years). And good news! For those who are dining between 6 to 9 May and 1 to 4 June, you’ll be getting a 40% off the buffet price for both adult and child! Plan ahead 😉

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