Annual Disney+ Hotstar Subscribers Can Enjoy Streaming At Only RM5.24/Month

*Update: At present, there is only one plan for consumers in Malaysia who are subscribing directly from Disney+ Hotstar, which is RM54.90 for three months. The monthly and annual pricing reflected in the app is the pricing for Indonesia.


In case you missed the news, Disney+ Hotstar was just released in Malaysia and the initial offer for the first 3 months is RM54.90. But that got everyone thinking, how much will it cost after the 3 months runs out? As it turns out, someone figured it out and decided to share it with the rest of us.

Disney+ Hotstar Annual Subscription May Cost Only RM5.24 Monthly


According to the Lowyat website, a movie reviewer @chafvlog has discovered the list of prices in the Apple App Store. Assuming that the listing is final, the monthly renewable Disney+ Hotstar subscription for Malaysia will cost as such:

  • RM11.90 / month
  • RM54.90 / 3 months
  • RM62.90 / year (Which works out to around RM5.24/month)

However, looking at the price, it is believed that the quarterly option (3 months) will eventually be reduced to below RM35/month (OR be removed entirely) to make it more of an attractive option in comparison to the other monthly subscriptions. With the price of only RM5.24/month, the annual plan will worth almost on par with Astro’s Disney+ Hotstar Movie Pack (RM5/month).

disney+ malaysia
disney+ Malaysia
Photo: @world today news

A News Worth Waiting For

This information has yet to be confirmed by Disney+ Hotstar representatives. But considering that the price was listed by the Apple App Store, this should be final.


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