& Arabica: New Grab & Go Coffee In KL For Everyday Caffeine Fix

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Marhaba Foodies! Trying to figure out what it means? It means hello in Arabic. After a long holiday for Chinese New Year and now most people are getting back to work. I believe the inactive mood is extremely strong. No worries, we are here to boost your energy! Scroll on, to know the secret of being energetic! Psst, there’s also a promotion that will entice you, so pay attention!

Brown Sugar Boba Series

& Arabica has launched a new line of drinks; the crowd favourite, Brown Sugar Boba series! Also, this series comprises of 3 different flavours. They are the & Milky Boba, & Butterfly Boba as well as & Matcha Boba.

& Arabica


& Arabica

Healthy-vaganza & Arabica Rice Bowl

Aside from serving beverages and cakes, & Arabica has step foot into providing customers with healthy rice bowl. Additionally, there are 4 types of Rice Bowl which are Smoky Salmon Rice Bowl, Australian Beef Rice Bowl, Smoky Duck Rice Bowl and Chicken Rice Bowl.

& Arabica

Did you know that you can personalise the ingredients in your Rice Bowl? You will be provided with the options of tomatoes, seaweed, edamame beans as well as corn. Time to colour up your own Rice Bowl canvas!

& Arabica

& Arabica: The Little Cafe That Serves Specialty Coffees

& Arabica

We are going to tell you the place to remove the inactive vibes. It is & Arabica that is located at The Weld, Kuala Lumpur! Although the shop might be small in size, the beverages will definitely make you healthy and beautiful.

‘Take & Go’ is the concept of & Arabica which means to grab and go a cup of coffee with a friendly price. This applies especially for people who are working and want to fix their carving for coffee. Here’s what you should try when visiting & Arabica.

Checking Out & Arabica’s Signature Coffee

We have the &’s signature Bulletproof Coffee. It is a brew of Enrico’s Pure Ghee Butter, MCT Oil, Espresso and Hot Water. Have you heard of MCT Oil? It actually stands for “medium chain triglycerides” or “medium chain fatty acids” and it’s a type of fat which most often derived from coconut oil but sometimes from palm oil.

Likewise, you might be wondering if the coffee is oily, trust me, it doesn’t taste oily and will definitely boost your energy. Thus, MCT Oil is able to provide extra energy and brain-boosting benefits. Need some energy boost? Try &’s Bulletproof Coffee!

& Arabica

Next up, we have &’s signature Beauty Latte. It is made of normal latte but added in with some collagen powder. One of the most well-known benefits of collagen is the ability to promote glowing, vibrant skin. If you are a person who takes beauty importantly, this is definitely suitable for you. Especially to the ladies out there who want to maintain their beauty, you must try & Arabica’s Beauty Latte!

& Arabica’s Rainbow Series

& Arabica

Then, we have the signature and best selling drink for & Arabica – Rainbow Series. It contains 6 different colours, each colour is made by a different type of ingredient and have different functions.

Goth (Black)- activated charcoal which helps to detox.
Ruby Gem (Red) – Red Rice Yeast which can lower cholesterol.
Stardust (Purple) – Purple Sweet Potato which can be dietary fibre and helps with anti-oxidizing.
Sunny Future (Yellow) – Pumpkin is able to boost immunity and is an anti-oxidant
Uji Matcha (Green) – Japanese Matcha is able to boost metabolism and is an anti-oxidant
Peace of Mind (Blue) – Butterfly Pea Flower can help to regulate diabetes and has anti-aging properties.

& Arabica

This is how you drink & Arabica’s Rainbow Signature. The rainbow series is served in 6 little glasses of different colours with cold milk. The rainbow series pairs perfectly with the cold milk. The milk is chilled with ice but ice is placed outside of the milk to ensure that the milk does not losses its taste.

& Arabica

Furthermore, the rainbow series is served in hot or cold. Moreover, you can also choose to drink all 6 colours once by ordering Rainbow Signature or specific ones. You can now drink beverages to maintain your health and beauty, enjoy the Rainbow Series!

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& Arabica

Are you excited to grab a coffee from & Arabica to boost your energy? You do not need to worry about sleepy mood during work as & Arabica is able to provide coffee or beverages with different functions to keep you healthy and beautiful. Let’s go and grab a drink from & Arabica!

& Arabica


& Arabica

? Jaya One, Petaling Jaya  | ⏰ Monday – Sunday, 10:00AM – 8:00PM

? The Weld, Kuala Lumpur  | ⏰ Monday – Friday, 7:30AM – 8:00PM, Saturday – Sunday 9:00AM – 6:00PM

& Arabica is also operating in other states in Malaysia:

?Queensbay Mall Penang  | 2F-K4, Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Indah Bayan Lepas

?East Coast Mall Pahang | L2-FB05 East Coast Mall, Jalan Putra Square, Putra Square, Kuantan

?Muar | No. 76, Jalam Meriam Muar

& Arabica

& Arabica Pearl Drink Promotion

In conjunction with its brand new launching of Brown Sugar Boba Series, you can now get a 2nd cup for 50% off! This means that if you bring along a friend, you will both get to try the entire series! What are you waiting for? Oh, you will only be entitled to this promotion if you like & share & Arabica’s Facebook or Instagram Page.

& Arabica

Did you guys enjoy reading about & Arabica? It’s time to head over to this cafe and experience it for yourselves. Don’t forget to bring your friends and family along as well!

Head Over To & Arabica To Get Your Caffeine Fix!

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