4 Best Food Cities To Visit With AirAsia’s PickYourSuperAdventure & Get FREE Flight Seats And More!

There’s nothing like travelling. Travel excites, inspires and rejuvenates us. To help get started on your next adventure, AirAsia launched PickYourSuperAdventure, making planning your next vacation a lot easier! If you are also looking to take your food adventure to the next level, this article is for you. Read down below to find out why. 


Here Are Four Food-Centric Destinations To Explore

Planning a culinary trip around the world this year? AirAsia’s PickYourSuperAdventure shares amazing destinations known for the cities’ wonderful food galore, perfect for food hunters! 

When it comes to countries with the best food, these countries exclusively listed for you, Gourmet Hunters, are a no-brainer. From local fare to the diverse cuisine of Southeast Asia, here’s the ultimate bucket list for eating in these cities! 


AirAsia Ipoh
Photo: @kakasadokitchen (Instagram)

Ipoh is known for its food haven. Visit this attraction-filled city to try the best flavours of Chicken Rice, Hakka Mee, Gai Se Hor Fun and more while sipping Ipoh White Coffee. New Hollywood in Ipoh is the perfect place to go if you want the best of both worlds! 

Ho Chi Minh City

Bahn Mi
Photo: Flo Dahm (Pexel)

Vietnam’s famous street food, Banh Mi, is a Vietnamese baguette with meat fillings and vegetables. You can find Banh Mi stalls on almost every corner of the streets in Ho Chi Minh City. Savour some hearty Pho, a Vietnamese rice noodle soup with beef broth, a Vietnamese pancake stuffed with meat called Banh Xeo, and more! 


Photo: @eazy_eater (Instagram)

Everyone knows Pad Thai, a delicate combination of rice noodles stir-fried with shrimp, tofu, bean sprouts, egg, and seasonings that will leave you wanting more. Thip Samai in Bangkok is a crowd favourite by locals and foreigners, so take this chance to savour the authentic taste of Pad Thai in Bangkok! 


Sarawak Laksa
Photo: Amanda Lim (Pexel)

Among the must-try dishes in Kuching are Sarawak Laksa, Mee Kolo and Kueh Chap – a delightful experience with every bite. Other foods you also wouldn’t want to miss out are Kueh Chap, Manok Pansuh, Gong Pia, Belacan Bee Hoon, Ice Cream Gula Apong and more! 

AirAsia’s PickYourSuperAdventure 

This year, AirAsia rolls out the PickYourSuperAdventure interactive video featuring five (5) travel personalities! Be it a venturer, action-packed adventurer, sightseer and more. This video will present four (4) different destinations to suit your personality type.



You will also get to watch a snippet of your destination!

Watch the video HERE: AirAsia’s PickYourSuperAdventure

Good News For Foodies

You can choose from these four (4) destinations known for their great food, Kuching, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City or Ipoh, look out for promo pop-ups and enjoy FREE seats* to Hat Yai, Kuching, Langkawi, Penang and more!


Book your flight HERE and travel from the 1st of August to the 8th of December 2022. 

Now Everyone Can Fly With PickYourSuperAdventure

That’s not all! Enjoy special discounts when you click on other travel personalities, perfect for planning your next staycation – talk about a great deal!

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