Here Are 6 Foods You Should NOT Eat Together With Durians

Take note!

Hey Foodies, durian season is approaching! This king of fruits is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on. Before you devour those pieces of fleshy durians, here are some things that you need to keep in mind.


6 Foods To Avoid Eating With Durians

1. Alcohol

The high sulfur content of durians inhibits the enzyme that helps break down alcohol in the body. So if you are drunk, you’re most probably going to stay that way awhile. You may also experience severe heartburn and indigestion!

2. Milk

It has been said that drinking milk with durian can lead to increased blood pressure. This could be the cause of your headache!

3. Lychee

Lychee and durian are both considered to be “heaty” food. When consuming the two together excessively, you may risk getting fever, constipation or sore throats.

4. Mangosteen


Though you may have heard from the elderly saying that eating mangosteen after a durian feast may reduce the “heatiness”, beware of consuming too much sugar at once.

5. Crab

Crabs are said to be extremely ‘cooling’ while durians fall under the ‘heaty’ category. Therefore, consuming both at the same time will cause your digestive system to be confused and may cause discomfort in your stomach.


6. Beef and Mutton

Beef and mutton are ‘heaty’ foods. Hence, consuming these meats with durian, it may add to the “heatiness” of your body and cause inflammation.

Enjoy Durians & Drink Plenty Of Water Too

If you want to enjoy this delicious fruit without suffering from all the side effects after, make sure to drink lots and lots of WATER! Bye for now!


Source: TheStar & KLNow

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