Big Apple Donuts & Coffee Unveils NEW Donuts & Here’s What’s Different

When it comes to Big Apple Donuts, we all have our favourites! Whether you’re a classic lover, a chocoholic, or a fan of extravagant toppings or fillings, this donut spot has got you covered! If you’ve always loved them already, here’s some good news!


Big Apple’s Donuts Are Now Crispier, Lighter and Fluffier To The Bite

Big Apple

Been operating in Malaysia for 16 years, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee has gone the extra mile to bring you whole NEW donuts by upgrading their frying oil to make them less greasy!

Not only that, they combine a unique premix formula with over 20 imported premium ingredients, it has a fluffy texture and delicious aroma that will make you crave it more!

Frying oil

Big Apple Donut

There are over 30 selections of delicious varieties, you really can’t go wrong no matter what you decide to try. Grab their crowd-favourites like Pink Twister, The Alien and other top-selling donuts!

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

These sweet treats have got it all: they are freshly fried, less oily, have a pillowy soft interior and a crispy outer layer, and are fragrant too, making each bite even better than the last!

Big Apple Donuts
Californian Almond
Big Apple Donuts
Mini Ono Oreo

Heavenly Drinks To Pair With Your Favourite Donuts

Pair your donuts with Big Apple’s selection of tea, coffee, matcha and chocolate drinks! 

Matcha and Passionfruit Tea
Dark Mocha and Dark Chocolate

That’s not all! Get your hands on the Big Apple Donuts & Coffee Redemption Card. All you have to do is collect six stamps and enjoy a FREE drink!

Big Apple Redemption Card

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Head Over To Your Nearest Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

Pop over to Big Apple Donuts & Coffee today and indulge in their fluffy, non-greasy donuts! Check here for the Full List of Big Apple Donuts & Coffee outlets.

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