Bored M’sian Student In UK Counts The Number Of Pasta Noodles In A Packet During Home-Quarantine

What's Your Guess?


  • A Malaysian student in the United Kingdom counted the number of pasta noodles in a packet during home-quarantine.
  • The student posted an Instagram story, posing a question to viewers about how many pasta noodles are there in a 500g packet of pasta.
  • After 15 minutes or so, he revealed that the total number of pasta noodles was 614.

Hello, foodies. Aside from providing recipe-worthy content to keep you occupied, we’re also here to report some soft news. Amid all the hard news that has been circulating due to Covid-19, we thought that we’d share some funny news to lighten the mood. Before you continue reading, we’ve got a question for you – how many pasta noodles are there in a packet of pasta? 

Grab A Packet Of Pasta And Ask Your Family To Guess How Many Noodles Are Inside

Photo: @zenyangban

This is not a normal question to be asking but – how many pasta noodles do you think there are in a packet of pasta? Let’s face it, we’ve been indoors for too long of a time and we’re starting to ask questions…weird ones. But, boredom hit hard for these group of Malaysian students under home-quarantine in the United Kingdom. The Malaysian student (preferred not to be named) posted an Instagram story detailing how he and his friends were bored and decided to count the number of noodles in a packet of pasta.

The Final Answer To The Question That No One Has Been Asking: 614

Photo: @zenyangban

So, did you run to the kitchen to grab a packet of pasta and give it a good look? (Because we certainly have) What’s a good guess? 500? 250? More or less? Well, after a good 10-15 minutes of patiently counting noodles, he gave us an answer to that question. There are 614 pasta noodles in a 500g packet of pasta from Asda. Now begs another question – how many grains of rice are there in a sack of rice? No, no, don’t do such a crazy thing. Take our advice and just – eat the rice. Well, we hope that made you laugh or cheered you up a bit. Bye for now and stay safe!

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