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Breaking: FREE Ramadan Platter & Catch @ The Manhattan FISH Market! (Here’s How)

The Manhattan FISH Market is out yet again with another promotion! Just a few days ago, we learnt of their Buy 1 Free 1, and now they’re out with more freebies for us! Seriously, it almost seems as if some fella took over the marketing controls and started reeling Manhattan FISH Market into a whirlpool of deals and promotions. With their Exclusive Ramadan Rewards, FREE Ramadan Platter & Ramadan Catch can be yours with these few simple steps! Here’s How:


Firstly, What Are Their Choices Of Ramadan Platter?

Well, Jimmy, I’m glad you asked! They have a large array of selections to choose from — Flaming Prawns ‘N Beef Rendang Platter, Garlic Herb Mussels ‘N Paprika Chicken Platter, Beef Murray Curry ‘N Cherry Snapper Assam Pedas Platter, Minty Lamb ‘N Dry Chicken Curry Platter, Flaming Lobster Platter, Snow Crab Paella Valencia, and finally, Baked Snow Crab ‘N Seafood Olio Pasta! These 7 platters can be accompanied with premium add-ons, should one desire them. You can add-on Baked Snow Crab, Lobster, and Oysters.

Upon being served the Snow Crab Paella Valencia, we were taken aback by the sheer size of it. In fact, it’s legs were thicker than our own fingers! Upon peeling it open, the crab meat slid out of its thin shell easily in one piece, allowing for us to have a mouthful of thick and juicy crab meat. No “the shell makes up most of the crab” nonsense here, that’s for sure!

The Flaming Prawns deserves a mention as well. Laid atop a bed of fragrant rice, the rather sizable prawns are layered with smooth, soft cheese on top that is melted in situ with a blowtorch. The taste of the meaty, juicy prawns accompanied by the torched cheese… it makes my stomach growl just writing about it now!

Okay, And What About The Ramadan Catch?

by @ MFM.My (Facebook)

Well, Sandra, I’m glad you asked that too! As clearly depicted in the picture, their Ramadan Catch consists of four different things — Soup/Chowder of the Day, House Salad, Juice (with a choice between Green Guava, Roselle, and Sour Plum), and Ice Cream!


With a soup so thick and sweet as well as oh so smooth and creamy ice cream, it’s pretty worth it even without the promotion — a Ramadan Catch only costs RM10 nett. Oh? Not good enough? You want it to be free instead? Oh, come again? You want two of it for free? … FINE! Continue reading to find out more!

So, How Exactly Do I Get Them For Free?


Well, Bob, I’m glad you- I’m sorry, I can’t anymore. It’s so corny, it hurts.


ANYWAY, to get your free goodies, you may ask for an Exclusive Ramadan Coupon if you were not already given one. With each visit, you get stamp on your coupon, which brings you new free stuff every time! All you have to do is present the coupon to them during each visit and order any Platter from the Exclusive Ramadan menu, and the free stuffs are yours!

The coupon system works as follows:
1st Visit: Get the coupon and with it, a stamp!
2nd Visit: Present the coupon, get a stamp, and get 1 FREE Ramadan Catch!
3rd Visit: Present the coupon, get a stamp, and get TWO FREE Ramadan Catches!
4th Visit: Present the coupon, get a stamp, order two Ramadan Catches, and get a FREE Ramadan Platter!


Best part? There’s no “from 11am to 4pm only”. You know what that means? For any of you who observe Ramadan, you have from now all the way until the 30th of June to have an absolute feast! Also, as a small reward for any who actually read the article thoroughly, here’s a tip: the T&C says you’ll receive one stamp for any Ramadan Platter purchased in a single receipt. Here’s what you can probably do: if you buy two platters, ask for two separate receipts, and get TWO SEPARATE STAMPS! So on and so forth… ? (Yes, I was born from a kiasu family.)

The Conclusion

Oh, wait, you’ve not exited the article yet? You’re actually reading on, despite me stating clearly that it’s the conclusion? No one ever does that… You’re special, you know that? You mean a lot to us. You know, we wouldn’t be here without you. Everything we do, it’s for you as much as it is for us. If you like what you see, be just that much more special and click the ‘Like’ button. Oh, you know what would be oh so much more special? Comment on this article page itself! Anything at all… From the bottom of my heart, it would make my day extra special. ?

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