Breaking News: Tiger Sugar Is Opening Its New Outlet In Kota Damansara

Your prayers are heard.

That’s right foodies, Tiger Sugar heard you loud and clear when you guys said you guys wanted another outlet – serving the very best brown sugar boba milk in the whole wide world (just bear with me on this one). After receiving good responses from their last two outlets, they’ve decided to open up another branch at Kota Damansara! Foodies from over there, time to celebrate!


Finally coming to Kota Damansara!

@tigersugarmsia (Instagram)

Why is Tiger Sugar so good?

Their crowd-pleasing Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse is the reason for their long queue because people just want to have a taste of that heavenly brown sugar infused chewy pearls that are way too irresistible.

tiger sugar kota damansara

Their boba pearls are cooked with brown sugar in small batches so that the freshness and quality of each cup are guaranteed for the full satisfaction of their customers. You can tell they take their brown sugar milk game very seriously. So, you owe it to them to pay them a visit!

@jlyntravels (Instagram)

Before you get way too excited, be warned that the queue over at Kota Damansara is going to be endless as well. We can definitely see the impact of Tiger Sugar judging by the queue that is still going on and on over at Sunway Pyramid even though they’ve been opened since the end of 2018. But, we’re super excited for this one! Are you feeling us too?

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