Several Bubble Tea Shops At SS15 Face Business Closure As Rent & Sale Signages Are Seen

Is Bubble Tea Dead?


  • Several bubble tea shops in SS15 are potentially facing business closures as owners put up Rent & Sale signages.
  • This is the reality of how the Covid-19 pandemic is taking a big hit at businesses as they struggle to maintain their operations due to more than a month-long closures.
  • Bubble tea shops which are now up for Rent & Sale include: Whale Tea and The Black Boss.

Dear bubble tea lovers, we have some sad news for you today. Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems like we are now seeing the harsh reality of economic hardship. Businesses around town had to endure weeks of closure because of the Movement Control Order and it has taken a big toll towards their business income. And, this is beginning to be the case for several bubble tea outlets in SS15.

Several Bubble Tea Shops At SS15 Go On Rent & Sale As Businesses Struggle To Make Ends Meet

Photo: Subang Jaya 梳邦再也 (Facebook)

For a long time, SS15 was the hub for bubble tea shops to flourish as netizens hailed that one street in the area as the “boba street”. But now, it seems like the number of bubble tea stores are reducing (and possibly reducing fast) because of the Covid-19 outbreak. This begs us to ask this question: is bubble tea dead?

Photo: Subang Jaya 梳邦再也 (Facebook)

Whether or not it is a bubble tea shop that is closing down, it definitely saddens us to see that businesses are really struggling to make ends meet. Even though the Movement Control Order kept a ton of us safe at home and helped reduce the number of Covid-19-19 cases, we cannot deny the fact that the economic sector is drowning. As several bubble tea shops are going up for Rent & Sale, this is the harsh reality we hoped not to witness, but it is real and it is happening now.

Photo: Subang Jaya 梳邦再也 (Facebook)

This Netizen Records Video Showing The Closure Of Shops At The Boba Street In SS15

Video credit: Keith Kuang (Facebook)

Feature image(s) credit: Subang Jaya 梳邦再也 (Facebook)

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