Chemist Explained Difference Between Each Panadol & Which One to Take After Being Vaccinated

The Internet might have been the greatest invention by far. There’s so much information that one can look for, that sometimes it may be a tad overwhelming. Recently, panadol and its relation to vaccine has been a hot topic. A chemist has shared the difference between each panadol so that netizens would know which one is the best to take after being vaccinated.


Chemist Explained Difference Between Each Panadol And Here’s What You Need to Know:

Photo: Malaysiakini (Website)

A chemist that goes by the name Mas Faiz on Twitter shared when one should take a panadol, pre or post-vaccination. According to him, we should take panadol (if needed) after being vaccinated. That’s because panadol will increase the salt ion (Na+) in our body, thus increasing our blood pressure. When the blood pressure increases, one might feel giddy, and the effect of the vaccine will worsen the situation.

For those of you who didn’t know, panadol is the commercial name for paracetamol. There six types of panadol that are typically available in Malaysia. Here’s a breakdown of each panadol:


#1 Panadol ActiFast

Might the most popular of all and are widely accessible. For those with a history of high blood pressure, be cautious and try to avoid it. Panadol ActiFast contains a high amount of salt ion Natrium (Na+), about 173mg per tablet. Na+ accelerates digestion in the small intestine hence the name “fast.” Maximum dosage is two tablets in every 4-6 hours.

#2 Panadol Optizorb

One of the latest formulations, Panadol Optizorbs replaces salt ion Natrium (Na+) with Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) and alginic acid to aid digestion. Though lower in Na+, it’s slightly acidic so make sure to take it after meal.

#3 Panadol Extra

A combination of paracetamol and 65mg of caffeine in each tablet. Best to relieve migraine and pain. Caffeine is a type of analgesic to reduce pain by blocking our adenosine receptors. If you tend to drink a lot of coffee or smoke a lot, avoid this because the maximum dosage of caffeine is 500mg a day. A cup of coffee already has 80-100mg of caffeine.


#4 Panadol Extend

The effect of Panadol Extend lasts up to eight hours. It has double layer complexation; adducts, PCM (paracetamol)+ Salicylic acid —> PCM-adduct. Might be less effective in comparison to other panadol, but steady.

#5 Panadol Soluble


For those who couldn’t take tablets, this is a great option. Comes in an effervescent tablet (to be dissolved in water) with lemon flavour. Yet those with a history of high blood pressure, avoid this. Panadol Soluble is high in salt ion Natrium (Na+), about 450mg per tablet. The maximum daily dosage of ion Na+ for our body is 2400mg, so one tablet at a time will do.

#6 Panadol Menstrual

Formulated specifically to relieve menstrual pain. It’s a combination of paracetamol and pamabrom, 8-bromo theophylline. As the name suggests, this is only for those who are experiencing immense menstrual pain.


Kudos to Mas Faiz for sharing this! Foodies, we hope this helps in choosing the panadol that best suits you. Again, panadol should be taken after being vaccinated (if needed), not before. If you have more questions, it’s best to consult with your doctor. That’s all, take care and buh bye!

Source: Mas Faiz (Twitter) 

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