Chengdu’s Authentic Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot Has Finally Landed in KL

Hot pot lovers where chu’ at? After the craze of Haidilao, China’s yet another famous Hot Pot Xiao Long Kan has finally landed in KL. Committed on Chinese hot pot ourselves, we couldn’t say no when we get to be the first few to sample Xiao Long Kan Malaysia. So, hop on as we go for another foodventure, into the piping pot of hot soups.




For Those Who Are New to Xiao Long Kan:

For those who are unfamiliar with this China’s famous hot pot chain, Xiao Long Kan originates from Chengdu, offering an array of fresh ingredients and innards, as well as a selection of delicious broths. The line of customers queuing has never stopped ever since their opening in 2014.

Given such overwhelming response, they have to expand, and Kuala Lumpur seems just about right. Xiao Long Kan Malaysia is located at Farenheit 88, not in it, but at the side of the building. Spanning across 4 floors and heavenly infused with Chinese elements, even the facade resembles a welcoming vibe dated back to ancient China.

What Can We Expect? (The Taste Test)

Let’s cut the talking and dive straight into their hot pots. Starting off with soup base, one can simply try up to 3 different broths at once, and we got ourselves the signature mala soup, tomato soup and pork bone soup. Mala soup is customizable according to your desired level of spiciness, our butthole’s getting the signal by just looking at the amount chili in the soup. Tomato soup was new to us, but was told it’s pretty common in China. Sweet, aromatic broth with a little tangy aftertaste, hands down the best.


You know how some hot pot places offer a table of sauces? That’s not the case at Xiao Long Kan, where quality of broths and freshness of ingredients brings out most flavors. Watch how the staffs turn basics like garlic, spring onions and chili into their secret sauce.


This is where hot pot becomes casual, when throwing in ingredients. We got most of their signature items for a better rounded review. Spicy Chili Beef comes in this beautiful, thin cuts that is best savored in mala soup. The thinness of the beef soaks in most of the flavors from the soup.

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Rose Meat Ball is yet another star item here. If you think the rose petals are for decor purposes, the answer is no, and we were surprised. Dip everything in, and consume all together, including the rose petals. The flavor was really interesting, we tasted freshness from the pork bone soup, with a strong hint of floral aftertaste.

Remember We Talked About Innards?

As mentioned earlier, this hot pot chain offers fresh innards. This might not be a thing here, but in China, consuming intestines are common. Don’t be intimidated, the way they’re being presented says differently. Duck Intestine is beautifully plated in an ice ball, and when paired with mala soup, we thought we were having normal meat.

This one’s perhaps, is a little more accepting to the public, Pork Blood, which could be found in some of our local food. We have to give credit to this one, as they got the texture and flavor right. (Also not in picture were Pig’s Brain, Tripe and Aorta, God know’s how many deep breaths we took to try all these, nonetheless, great experience!)

Time to balance all the heavy flavors with something crispy and refreshing, Bamboo Shoots. They’re one of the best seller items, or should we say, side dishes. One can either eat it raw or dip it into the soup for a few seconds.

Up Your Hot Pot Game With Some Bougie Items:

If you’re all about living the richness or you simply want to impress someone at the table, get their pricier items. Xiao Long Kan offers prime Australian A5 Beef, where cuts of beautifully marbled beef are presented on a bowl of ice. They were so good we wanted more.

While prawns are quite common when it comes to hot pot, the market price definitely ain’t cheap either. You know the joy of scooping up a ladle of seafood? It’s like finding treasure hidden in the sea because seafood tends to miraculously disappear in hot pots when left for some time.

Tips from chef: Meats and innards are best paired with mala or pork bone soup, whereas vegetables go better in tomato or pork bone soup. Remember, it’s like pairing heavy with heavy, and light with light so that each complements one another.

Our Verdict on Xiao Long Kan:

They definitely did not disappoint, we get all the hype circulating this brand now. Fresh ingredients, fragrant broths, excellent ambiance and impeccable service. What more could you ask for? They’re perfect, be it for a casual gathering, or to celebrate occasions and businesses. Tag everyone you know and let them know about Xiao Long Kan now!

Heads up: We heard the queue now for XLK takes up to 4 hours. Eherm, not our fault, they’re just too good. Good luck gastronomes!

Xiao Long Kan Malaysia

Address: Lot 03, Block D, 179 Fahrenheit, 88, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Operating Hour: 11 a.m.-2 a.m. (Daily)
Contact: 010-220 9618
More Info:

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