This Vintage-Themed Cafe Serving Nostalgic Pahang Food Transports You To The Olden Days

Working in the city and staying far from home often calls for sudden cravings for flavours from your hometown. Either it’s your mum’s cooking or your favourite go-to food at your hometown – we all have a little nostalgia in life. For those from Pahang, here’s a hidden gem at Taman Melawati you can head to for all of your favourite dishes whilst being transported back to the olden days.

Be Transported Back To Your Hometown At This Local Eatery

Photo: @chifankl (Instagram)

Nothing shouts nostalgia more than vintage furniture and the smell of home-cooked food wafting from the kitchen. Chi Fan is a small homey space, boasting full of flavours you can only get from Kuantan, Pahang. But out of everything, you’ll definitely take notice of the vintage-themed interior. Fun fact: The owner’s a collector of vintage stuff and most of them are passed down from her grandmother!

Photo: @chifankl (Instagram)

Chi Fan, basically means eat in Chinese, is where you go for comfort food everyone loves. From local favourites like Kerabu Fried Rice to popular Western dishes such as Salted Egg Chicken Pasta. There’s also a wide array of pastries and cakes to indulge in here. Definitely something for everyone here! But of course, for Pahangites, you’ll find lots of your favourite dishes from Pahang right here in this cozy little space.

Photo: @chifankl (Instagram)
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Helmed by a corporate lawyer-turned-chef, Shurqiah had no prior professional culinary skill training. “I learned from my mother and grandmother, everything you taste here is adapted from the recipes carried down through generations,” she said. Of course, she experiments with new recipes to keep up with the times too, producing crowd-favourites like Pandan Soufflé Pancake.

With a fiery passion for cooking, nothing is stopping Shurqiah – not even having her previous shop closed down. Starting over again with Chi Fan, she brought in her sons to help out and eventually turned it into a wholesome  family-run business. Dining here will make you feel as if you’re dining in someone’s house instead of a restaurant.

Photo: @chifankl (Instagram)

Where Are Your Go-To Places For Nostalgic Eats In The City?

For those who have been missing your home in Pahang, Chi Fan is where you can get authentic home-cooked food without heading back home. Of course, nothing can beat the flavours you grew up with in your hometown. Do you have a go-to place that you head to all the time when you’re home-sick? Let us know in the comments below!

Chi Fan

Address: No.9, Jalan H3, Taman Melawati 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hours: (MON – SAT) 9AM – 5PM

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

Status: Muslim-Friendly

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