This Stall In KL Has Been Selling Freshly Fried Cakoi With Kaya & Sambal For 50 Cents Only Since 1993

We all know that businesses has been hit hard since the MCO last year so supporting local businesses has been called for more than ever. Thankfully, this go-to-spot for many in the KL area for freshly fried cakoi and donut managed to withstand till now and still keep their prices at only 50 cents per piece!


This Humble Stall In KL Has Been Selling Cakoi & Donuts For Almost 30 Years

Photo: @jaymohd (Facebook)

If you were to ask most people in KL where to head to for one of the best cakoi and donuts, they’d probably point you to this humble stall in Pantai Dalam, KL. A family-run business of almost 30 years has garnered a following with those visiting the stall since they were only kids. Another great thing about this place is that they only sell their cakoi and donuts for only 50 cents per piece now (last time it was only 30 cents)!

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You can watch them in action as they prepare all their food from scratch. Preparing cakoi, donuts and fried pau for all the patrons that throng the stall on the daily for warm, fluffy fried pastries like nowhere else.

Photo: (Instagram)

One of the signatures here is definitely the sauce that comes with the cakoi. You can choose from either sweet or spicy with the option of Kaya or Sambal sauce. All sauces are homemade so it perfectly matches with the fried pastries they’re selling.

Photo: @yayahasreena (Instagram)

Watch how they’re made here:

*Video taken before MCO

Have You Tried It?

Are you one of the many loyal fans of Cik Lah’s Kedai Cakoi ‘n’ Donut at Pantai Dalam? If you have not tried, head on down today for some freshly fried pastries you know you can’t resist! Tag your buddies for some local tea-time treats today.

Kedai Cakoi ‘n’ Donut / Gerai Cik Lah

Address: No.2, Bazaria Pantai, Jalan Bukit Pantai, Pantai Dalam, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.


Operating hours: (DAILY) 2:30PM – 6:30PM

Status: Muslim-owned eatery

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