Coffee Bean Releases Beautiful Festive Treats And Drinks For Chinese New Year 2020

Hello, everyone! Chinese New Year is approaching soon and that means new food and drinks are out! Surprise, surprise! This time, Coffee Bean is joining us for the fun by releasing new CNY treats and festive drinks to brighten up the CNY vibe. From savoury Chicken & Scallion Scones to the decadent Red Fortune cakes, here are the new CNY menu for Coffee Bean that you should try out.

Coffee Bean Releases Beautiful Festive Treats And Drinks

1. Chicken & Scallion Scones

If you’re going to Coffee Bean in the morning to fix your lingering caffeine addict, then don’t miss out on this delicate treat that’s perfect for breakfast. This scone is not like your usual one that has raisins in it. Instead, you’ll find a generous amount of chicken pieces and scallions that are mixed in this dense yet not heavy snack. It’s a great savoury kick for the morning!


2. Berry Blueberry

Cookie lovers, this is to satisfy your crunchy cookie cravings while you still want a cake. This is a cookie-sandwiched cake! Featuring a crunchy cookie base and layers of cream cheese, white chocolate, and freshly made blueberry jam. It’s a very beautiful layered cake that’s both crunchy and creamy. Not too sweet and not too heavy, it’s what you need for a little sugar pump in the evening.


3. Red Fortune Cake

Isn’t a slice of an authentic red coloured cake perfect for Chinese New Year? If you’re still wondering what it tastes like, it’s actually a cocoa-flavoured red velvet cake that’s layered with white chocolate cream cheese on the top. The sweet and tingling sourness from the cream cheese, it’s good balance that doesn’t make you feel heavy. It’s also topped with a cute traditional coin on top for a little bling!

4. Dulce Hazelnut

We’ve got to admit nuts and chocolate are a magical pair that makes really good desserts. This delicious delicacy is a heavenly combination of milk chocolate, crunchy hazelnut, and caramel that sits on a fluffy cloud of sponge cake. A great play with crunchy textures and soft sponge cake, it’s a piece of cake that you need for a relaxing evening after a day of work.

5. Chocolate Paradise

Chocolate lovers, it’s time to turn your heads here. You might be wondering how is this brightly coloured cake a chocolate cake, but good things never show itself until you cut into it. Hidden under this blanket of smooth yellow glaze, there are layers of chocolate, hazelnut, orange marmalade that sits on a dark chocolate cookie base. So hit this up next time when you’re visiting Coffee Bean to try this new cake!


6. Dulce de Leche Beverages

Moving on to drinks that are popping up for Chinese New Year, Coffee Beans is releasing a Dulce de Leche series. If you’re wondering what Dulce de Leche means, it’s actually a confection from Latin America that is similar to caramel. In this series, they’ve got it covered as ice blended, hot or cold latte and Nitro Cold Brew Latte. It’s a little fancy drink to pair it with their new CNY cakes and treats!

Cover Photo: @cathricjohn

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