Congkak Serves 18 Dishes Nasi Ambeng & Other Authentic Malay Delicacies In Kuala Lumpur

A Feast For Both Your Tummy & Eyes

Always in a dilemma on which restaurants to go for gatherings of friends and family? Fret not, our fellow foodies! A brand-new Malay restaurant has emerged in the city center. Congkak – a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur specialising in Nasi Ambeng (a dish that needs more recognition). In addition to that, they also offer irresistible delicacies such as Soto Medan and Rendang Tok. Continue reading to find out how they all fare!


Congkak In Kuala Lumpur Is Your Go-To Place For Nasi Ambeng

Photo: Inspiration taken from the the traditional Malay game.

First impressions matter and fortunately for Congkak – we were indeed impressed. The outdoor seating is decked out in white furniture amongst green walls, displaying a serene environment contrasted against busy buildings in Bukit Bintang. Beyond that, there was even a congkak for patrons to play with, racking up nostalgia for many of us. Meanwhile, they went for traditional and subdued decorations for their interior space.

Photo: KL Foodie
Photo: KL Foodie

Paying Homage To Malay Culture

Photo: KL Foodie

A look at Congkak’s menu and you’ll find that it’s made up from Nusantara cuisines, a mixture of Malay and Indonesian influences. Taking inspiration from Congkak (the traditional game), the restaurant also embraces the concept of sharing through their dishes, especially the Nasi Ambeng.

Okay, now let’s get into the real deal…

Nasi Ambeng – The King Of Variety

Photo: Nasi Ambeng is served on a humongous platter.

Normally, nasi ambeng is shared among four to five people during special occasions. But at Congkak, you are able to enjoy the wonders of eating nasi ambeng 24/7 in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Most interestingly, it is able to be shared up to as many as 8 people!

Photo: KL Foodie

Can never decide what to eat and always fancied trying out all the dishes at a nasi kandar stall? Well, now you can try everything at one go. The nasi ambeng has up to 18 dishes in total! That’s about 6 times more than usual amount of dishes you will eat normally.

The nasi ambeng comes with dishes like begedil, ikan kembung belado, telur masin, sambal jawa and many more. Besides that, you can pick from 6 different proteins to pair with your nasi. From spicier to more mild options, it all depends your personal preference.

Photo: We paired our Nasi Ambeng with Gulai Ayam & Rendang Tok

Other Signature Dishes That You Must Try

Photo: A wide array of Nusantara dishes to enjoy.

Apart from the nasi ambeng, their other specialty dishes are not to be missed out from. Your tastebuds will explode from the tantalizing flavours of each dish. Or maybe partly from the heat of the chilli and spices.

Ikan Wayang

Photo: Ikan Wayang paired best with their homemade sambals

Fresh tilapia fish is deep-fried and then served together with homemade Sambal Tirasi and Sambal Kicap. The fish is fried to perfection – with enough crunch on the outside. It tastes even better when paired with the sambals, simply packing a punch in every bite.


Tauhu Telur

Photo: Tauhu Telur takes shape in a cylindrical form.

Next up would have to be one of the more special dishes we’ve seen here. A cylindrical-shaped tauhu stands tall on the plate while being drizzled in peanut sauce. It is outright delicious with it being crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Soto Medan

Photo: Soto Medan comes steaming hot in a claypot.

A true Indonesian inspired dish, the Soto Ayam came with large pieces of begedil in yellow chicken broth. The broth may be light in consistency but packs a lot of flavour. It is best paired with white rice.

Gulai Udang Galah Nanas

Photo: Gulai Udang Galah Nanas offer tantalizing prawns in savoury broth.

If you’re a seafood lover, go ahead and order this dish. It’s basically big-head prawns cooked in coconut milk with hints of lemongrass and pineapple. You can definitely taste the freshness of the prawns. On top of that, the broth is tantalizing without overpowering the taste of prawns.


Satay Ayam & Satay Daging

Photo: Smokey Satay Ayam & Satay Daging come with ketupat and cucumbers.

How are we able to move on without trying one of Malaysian’s most favourite dish? Their satays are served on mini hot barbeque stones. Moreover, the meat is barbecued and smoked till tender juiciness, with choice of either chicken or beef. Paired with delicious peanut sauce consisting of huge bits of peanut, crunchy in every bite.

Congkak: The Perfect Place In Kuala Lumpur For Gatherings & Authentic Nasi Ambeng

Photo: KL Foodie

Congkak may be one of the few places in Kuala Lumpur that you can experience the exquisite Nasi Ambeng. Besides their signature Nasi Ambeng, definitely give their other dishes are try. Not only do they offer Malay food that taste amazing but also aesthetically pleasing plating that are Instagram-worthy. Congkak also encompasses a charming environment for gatherings of all sorts.

Lunch Deals For Lower Priced Yummy Food

Photo: @congkakkL (Facebook)

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in trying out their dishes, you can go for their lunch sets starting at RM14.90 nett. Select from choices of Soto Medan, Daging Masak Kicap, Talapia Goreng Berlado or Ayam Masak Merah. Each set comes with a drink of either Barley or Syrup Bandung as well!



Congkak’s Signature Dishes:

  1. Nasi Ambeng
  2. Ikan Wayang
  3. Tauhu Telur
  4. Ikan Wayang
  5. Satay Ayam & Satay Daging
  6. Udang Galah Nenas
  7. Soto Ayam Medan
  8. Rendang Tok


Address: 24, Jalan Beremi, Off, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Closest MRT station: Bukit Bintang

Operating hours: 11am – 10pm (Daily)

Links: Facebook | Instagram

Status: Pork-free

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