Crocodile Park In Malacca Gained More Than 3,000 Virtual Visitors Overnight After Demonstrating Fun Online Tour

Now here’s a great way for tourist attractions to up their game. Doing virtual tours is really one of the best options for now. But let’s be real, it’s not as effective and entertaining as the real-life tour. So it is amazing to know that the Melaka Crocodile Park actually gained a lot of attention because of its virtual tour. Obviously, they must have done something different to make it fun.

Gained More Than 3,000 Visitors After Going Viral

virtual tour melaka crocodile park
Photo: @sepul_isley (Twitter)
virtual tour melaka crocodile park
Photo: @sepul_isley (Twitter)

Thanks to the positive review from @sepul_isley, the Melaka Crocodile park rose to fame overnight with 21.6K retweets! Said in the tweet by Saiful, the tour was far from being boring and it was very entertaining to join. In just over a day, the tweet spread like wildfire, and the park gained more visitors than they ever had before. As shown in one of the replies, more than 3,300 people contacted the park for a chance to slot in.

virtual tour melaka crocodile park
Photo: @sepul_isley (Twitter)

Fill In The Form To Join The Tour

Photo: @sepul_isley (Twitter) virtual tour melaka crocodile park

You can join the tour for a small fee of RM7. If you are planning to join the tour and see it for yourself, it is best if you simply fill in the google form. Be patient and wait for your turn to be served okay?

Link(s): Facebook | Google Form

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