This Little Kiosk Is Calling All Asam Laksa Lovers To Try

This Little Kiosk Is Calling All Asam Laksa Lovers To Try

Ever strolled past a little kiosk in AEON and you’re trying your best not to give in to the inviting aroma of asam laksa smell? Well, that was us in the past but we’ve finally succumbed to it and headed to D Laksa in Mid Valley to give their asam laksa a shot. So, are you’re craving for asam laksa at this hour? We’ve got the pictures and info right here that will make it impossible for you to resist the temptation, good luck (evil laughter)!

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We don’t know about you but we were quite skeptical at first and wondered what can a small little kiosk in a supermarket has to offer? It wasn’t a 5-star ambiance that’s for sure but oh boy, we were in for a treat! Situated inside AEON Food Court in the lower ground, D’Laksa serves laksa using a recipe that was originated from Penang despite being first opened in Johor Bahru. And since we are a part of Penang Foodie, we trust what Penang recipe has to offer.

What do they have?

D’Laksa’s menu is perfect for indecisive people as their menu is rather simple. If you’re looking for a filling main, you can order their Asam Laksa but if you’re looking for a light snack, you should definitely opt for their asam fishballs or fruit rojak.

Since we are your daily stop to discover good food, we were more than happy to review everything on D’Laksa menu. We ordered D’Light Deal for 2 (RM28) which was a set that comprised 2 bowls of asam laksa, one bowl of fishballs and one bowl of fruit rojak. Oh, it came with 2 drinks too! Order this if you’re coming in here with a colleague during lunch hour and with their ‘fast food’ style setup, you’ll be getting your food in no time.

Asam Laksa

We took a glance at their tamarind broth and it attracted our attention with its bright orange colour rather than a more brown-ish tone which is what a typical asam laksa looks like. The broth is freshly cooked every day in their individual stalls and we got to watch how they prepare our asam laksa. Steaming hot soup was poured into takeaway bowls upon our order and the sweet and savoury smell exuding from the broth certainly opened up our appetite.


You can omit out the sweet shrimp paste if you’re not a fan but we love it and it was truly the perfect complement to our asam laksa (asam laksa lovers, can you relate?)

Doused in shrimp paste, the asam laksa (RM7) was topped with a generous helping of sardines, finely shredded onions, cucumbers, pineapple and lettuce. The broth was fragrant and a mixture of sweet-savoury and slightly spicy which gave an interesting kick to the dish.


Asam Fishballs

Too full from the noodles but can’t get enough of the broth? We would definitely recommend the Asam Fish balls (RM5). It came in 5 and the great thing about this was the fact that they used the same soup base as their asam laksa.


We personally love their bouncy texture and we’d figured this would be a great small bite to munch on for our readers when they are either walking back to office or doing some casual window shopping.

Fruit Rojak

Last but not least, we’ve tried their Fruit Rojak (RM5) which was the perfect palate cleanser after a meal of their sweet and spicy fish balls. Filled with cucumber, turnips, and pineapples and topped with crunchy peanuts, it may not look like much but we love it as it was on a sweeter side which was totally up our alley.

Our Verdict

KL Foodie gives these two thumbs up. We love their ‘fast food’ concept and it is really convenient especially during lunch hours. Still maintaining that authentic asam laksa taste, D’Laksa is something you should try if you’re an asam laksa enthusiast. Be sure to share this with your friends and bring them along on this asam laksa adventure!

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