Daebak Ghost Pepper Cheese Is Perfect For Spicy Food Lovers & It’s Now Available at 7-Eleven

It’s getting hot in here! If you like all things spicy, you’re going to love the new offering at 7-Eleven Malaysia. Following the overwhelming response of Daebak Ghost Pepper Combo Pack last October, the largest stand-alone convenience store-chain nationwide has just released the long-awaited Daebak Ghost Pepper Cheese edition that is sure to satisfy any customer’s cravings for heat.


Calling All Spicy Food Lovers

This fan-favourite gives just the right kick, making a satisfying delicacy suited for the Malaysian taste buds. Priced attractively at only RM5.90 per cup (80g), you can devour it alone or challenge a few hot friends to take up the heat!

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to experience a cheesy explosion with the new Daebak Ghost Pepper Cheese, now available at 7-Eleven stores in Peninsular Malaysia only while stocks last. 

For more information on this new Daebak Ghost Pepper Cheese, visit 7-Eleven Malaysia’s official social media pages at 7ElevenMalaysia.  

Source: Press Release

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