Daim Cake & Toblerone Cake Is Perfect For Chocolate Lovers (Here’s Where You Can Get It)

The Perfect Chocolatey Treat!

Hello Foodies! Calling all dessert lovers because we’ve got a perfect treat for you! We’ve spotted the Daim & Toblerone cake in Malaysia so you can now enjoy some chocolatey goodness! Continue reading below to find out where you can get your hands on it!


Daim Cake & Toblerone Cake Now Available In Malaysia

These imported Daim & Toblerone cakes are something you should never miss out on if you love chocolate. Made using high-quality chocolates from your favourite childhood brands, these cakes may seem sickly sweet but they are actually not!

Daim Cake

Now, imagine your ordinary Daim Chocolate but – 10 times bigger. When you slice up the Daim cake, you will see straight layers of dacquoise and vanilla mousseline. But, the best part is surely the crunchy almond brittle bites with milk chocolate coating!

Toblerone Chocolate Cake

Look at this chocolatey goodness! We bet you’re drooling! You can clearly see cream peaks around the cake, crunchy shaved milk chocolate in the centre, and not to forget – the crumbly and chocolatey biscuit base. Although it is similar to the Daim cake, the Toblerone cake has a rich and smooth milk chocolate cream sandwiched between two layers of dacquoise. The chunks of Toblerone and almonds definitely add a nice crunch to your bite!

Perfect Treats For Chocolate Lovers

Photo: (Google Photo)

Besides that, we’ve also spotted another guilty treat that you’ll surely love! Check out this Almondy Milka Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake too! You can find this at Jaya Grocer so make sure you check it out the next time you go grocery shopping!


Link(s): Jetspree | Jaya Grocer

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