Delivery Man Hands Out Food To The Homeless After Customer Cancels Order Due To Roadblocks

A Simple Act Of Kindness

The past few months has proven that some jobs are much harder to taken on than others. One of them is undeniably our saviour for warm meals on rainy days or late night snacks at home. Delivery riders nationwide have been working tirelessly to bring us food while we continuously stayed home. However, it can’t be helped that they sometimes would face certain hurdles along the way.


Delivery Rider Give Away Food To Those In Need Instead Of Wasting It

A video of a local foodpanda delivery rider handing out food to the homeless has since gone viral on Twitter. Based on the video posted by Syarizad, he is seen giving away free food to multiple homeless people around Muar, Johor.

Photo: @syarazidlee (Twitter)

The rider mentioned in his Twitter post that a customer had canceled the RM80 worth of meal after he collected it from the restaurant. After realising that there were multiple roadblocks due to the MCO, the customer decided to cancel. Having a considerably huge portion of untouched food in hand, Syarizad decided to give them away to the homeless instead.

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Photo: @ syarazidlee (Twitter)

With help from his friend as well, they both handed out the meals respectively to the homeless around their area. They were incredibly thankful to for the free food at times like such where it’s harder to get food now. Syarazid mentioned that they were smiling from ear to ear as they repeatedly said “Thank you” to him.

You can watch the full video down below:

A Round Of Applause For Our Brave Delivery Riders Nationwide

Right now, times are hard for everyone out there. However, it is with the help of some brave everyday heroes that at least those in need are able to take a breather once in a while. This is one of the many prime examples that there’s no bare minimum to helping those in need and every action counts. Kudos to our delivery riders for making us stay safe for pass two months!

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