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Use This foodpanda Promo Code To Enjoy 51% Off Orders After 12pm For The Whole Month Of June 2020

June Is Off To A Good Start


  • foodpanda Malaysia releases promo code to allow users to enjoy better food delivery deals this June 2020.
  • Promo code: JUNETASTIC
  • This promotion entitles users to get 51% off orders* after 12pm, limited quantity only.

Hello, foodies! We are almost half way through 2020 and it looks like June is off to a good start. Are you wondering why? Well, we’re here to share with you news that one of Malaysia’s popular food delivery partners, foodpanda, just released a new promo code that you can use for the whole month of June 2020.

foodpanda Malaysia Launches Their June Promo Code With 51% Off

Photo: @kl.foodie (Instagram)

To kick things off, foodpanda released a promo code that users can use for the entire month of June 2020. Using this promo code: JUNETASTIC, users can enjoy 51% off their orders after 12pm. Simply put, place your orders after 12pm, enter this promo code and enjoy 51% off your order! But, there is a limited quantity per day for this promo code so be sure to be quick if you want to use it! If not, try again the next day!

Photo: @oisowelcome (Instagram)

foodpanda June 2020 Promo Code To Enjoy 51% Off Orders: JUNETASTIC

Photo: @foodpandamy (Instagram)

*Terms and conditions apply;

  • Promo code: JUNETASTIC
  • Valid from 1st June 2020 to 30th June 2020.
  • Valid for orders after 12pm.
  • No minimum orders and maximum discount of RM9.

For their list of restaurants according to regions, see here.

For Kuala Lumpur region, see here.

Photo: @foodpandamy (Instagram)

Feature image credit: (left) @foodpandamy (Instagram), (right) Ledger Insights (Website)

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