ChongQing DeZhuang Hotpot 912th Outlet Worldwide

First Outlet In SouthEast Asia

Hailed as one of the best ChongQing hotpots from China, DeZhuang Hotpot in Arkadia marks its 912th outlet in the world, and the first in SouthEast Asia. As you enter, you’re greeted by an exciting live band, the aroma of spicy ChongQing peppercorns, and beautiful decor that resembles authentic dining in China. We’ve tried it recently and we can safely say that it ranks among the top Chinese hotpot restaurants in KL.


DeZhuang Serves A Special Green Chilli Mala Soup

Using green chillies and ChongQing peppercorns imported from China, DeZhuan’s signature broth is definitely Green Chilli Mala Spicy Soup. There are also other types of soups to choose from: Red Oil Mala, Tomato, Nature Spicy, Mala Sauerkraut, Beauty Collagen and Matsutake Mushroom. Try them in a single, double or four broth pot!

Unlike other hotpot places with tons of choices, DeZhuang keeps their dip selection simple with basics like red chillies, garlic, coriander leaves, sesame sauce, spring onions, soy sauce and imported sesame oil. They recommended adding sesame oil to your dip is essential as it protects your stomach from the spicy broth! TRY it, original mixture of sesame oil with garlic and coriander leaves.

DeZhuang Hotpot Recommended Dishes

Signature Items

The main highlight of their meat selection is undoubtedly the Grade-A beef imported from Australia. Sliced thinly and served upon crushed ice, the Australia Selected Short Rib, Australia Premium Imported Angus Beef, Australia Angus Beef Slice and etc, melts-in-your-mouth due to the quality of its marbling.

Photo: Australia Selected Short Rib RM68
Photo: Australia Premium Imported Angus Beef RM49

Chicken is usually not the pick of the bunch for hotpot, but this place serves special Tender Chicken Slices which is a MUST try dish. The soft and juicy meat comes with a lingering after-taste. Another one to try is the Handmade Fresh Shrimp Paste that’s made with two types of prawns! If you’re a fan of gizzards, you’ll surely like their Spicy Duck Gizzards; it’s crunchy and marinated extremely well with Chinese spices. Wrapped crispy tofu skin, another delight to try is the plump Crispy Bean Curd Shrimp Paste!

Photo: Tender Chicken Slice RM18, Handmade Fresh Shrimp Paste RM35
Photo: Spicy Duck Gizzard RM17, Crispy Bean Curd Shrimp Paste RM31


Next down the list is their Fresh Shrimp! This dish comes with large juicy shrimp and DeZhuang recommends cooking these in the Green Chilli or Red Oil broth.

Photo: Fresh Shrimp RM49

Other Meats

Apart from the regular or “milder” items, they do offer other interesting meats and innards as well. Brave ones willing to dive into exotic dishes, can try their Duck Intestines.

Chef Recommendation – Braised Items


Another Signature MUST TRY is their braised dishes. Braised Beef Brisket, Honeycomb Tripe, Beef Tendon, Duck Wings and etc. Braised + Mala Soup = SUPER MATCH!

Photo: Duck Intestines RM18
Braised Beef Honeycomb Tripe RM20, Beef Tendon RM22, Duck Wings RM15

Vegetable Platter

If you want a variety of their freshest vegetables, try out the Vegetable Platter: black fungus, winter melons, tomatoes, lotus roots and baby Chinese cabbage.

Photo: Vegetable Platter

Snacks & Dessert

Photo: Fully Handmade Brown Sugar Rice Cake RM15
Photo: Golden Buns RM15

Take a break from the savoury dishes and try out their sweet Fully Handmade Brown Sugar Rice Cake and Golden Bun snacks! The unique rice cake is made by deep frying glutinous rice, then topped with roasted soybean flakes and brown sugar; while the fluffy fried buns are paired with their special condensed milk mixture. Fruit lovers can opt for their Fruity Mix, which comes with dragon fruit, watermelon, honey dew, pineapple, and mango, presented in a pot filled with a special mixture of coconut milk and yogurt.

Photo: Fruity Mix RM18

Come For DeZhuang Spicy Hotpot And Leave Smelling Fresh

There you have it – everything you must try at DeZhuang hotpot! Also, if you’re worried about your clothes smelling like you’ve bathed in Mala broth, don’t worry, because DeZhuang utilizes a special hotpot table that comes with a ventilation system. Enjoy Foodies!

DeZhuang Hotpot (First Branch In South East Asia)

Address: A-G-2, Plaza Arkadia No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hours: 2PM – 12AM (Daily)

Contact: 018-222 2065

Status: Non-Halal

Link(s): Facebook, Website

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