Sip In Style With The New Dilmah Tea Accessories And Check Out The Pinktober Bundle Promotion

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Hello Foodies, Dilmah has just listed a whole range of Dilmah Tea Accessories that are only available on Shopee Official Store! If you are a tea lover, you should definitely check it out for a more enjoyable tea sipping experience!


Dilmah Tea Accessories

Brewing tea is an art and it is very much therapeutic and pleasurable. If you are starting out with tea or simply enjoy a cup during the day here are a few must have accessories to check out.

Dilmah Melton Tea Pot
Dilmah Craighead Pot
Dilmah Endane Traditional Glass Tea Pot
Dilmah Endane Double Wall Glass Mug
Dilmah Camellia Leaf Tea Strainer

This stainless steel strainer is definitely a must-have for loose leaf tea brewing!


Pinktober Promotion Bundle

In conjunction with the October breast cancer awareness month, Dilmah is launching this month-long Pinktober bundle promotion. Make sure to check out the Decaffeinated Dilmah Ceylon Green Tea if you’re sensitive to caffeine’s side effects. Both the decaffeinated and caffeinated green tea have similar benefits which include antioxidants, increase metabolism, and cancer prevention!

Other than green tea, Dilmah also offers a wide range of tea selection. Check out the Exceptional Rose With French Vanilla that helps in stress relief and the Berry Sensation which can promote happiness.

Dilmah Single Estate Tea



The Single Estate Tea Series is something you should check out for high quality black tea with robust flavours!

Kombucha Tea Recipe

You can also make your own Kombucha using Dilmah’s tea. Check out the recipe below for detailed instructions.



-4 Dilmah Single Estate Luxury Line Tea Bags
-3/4 cups Raw Organic Sugar
-1L Boiling Water
-1 inch SCOBY Piece

For the Drink
-1 wedge Lemon
-1 wedge orange
-2 Springs Mint


1. For the Kombucha, place all the ingredients except for the SCOBY into a heat proof bowl, and let steep for 5 mins until the sugar has dissolved and the tea is fully extracted. Place the liquid in the fridge until it comes to around room temperature (colder is fine but hotter is not)
2. Pour the sweet tea mixture into a jar with the SCOBY inside, Cover with a cloth and let rest for 3 days, up to 2 weeks depending on the surrounding temperature.
3. 3. After the flavour is at a rice sweet, sour, fizzy stage, pour into an ice filled glass with the orange, lemon, and mint and stir. Enjoy!

Get Your Full Set Of Tea Accessories On Shopee

The whole range of Tea Accessories is now available on Dilmah’s Official shop on Shopee! Get yours now and happy brewing!

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