Famous Japanese Discount Chain Don Don Donki To Open Second Outlet In PJ & We Can’t Wait!


There’s nothing we love more than discounts and promotions, especially if it’s Japanese made products that we don’t get to browse often. Not too long ago, the news of a well-known Japanese discount chain landing in KL had all of us getting super hyped for it. Little did we know, there will be a second location in the works and those staying in Petaling Jaya are in for a treat!


Don Don Donki Will Be Landing In Tropicana Gardens Mall, PJ

The official news broke out on Tropicana Gardens Mall’s Facebook page recently, where they announced that Don Don Donki will be opening soon. The first location was confirmed by Don Don Donki Malaysia’s team to be at Lot 10, KL not too long ago. This is certainly great news for those living in Klang Valley!

If you didn’t already know, Don Don Donki is a famous discount chain hailing all the way from Japan. It already has several outlets opened in neighbouring countries, such as Singapore and Thailand. So, yes, Malaysians will finally have the chance to shop till you drop at Don Don Donki. From fresh sashimis to skincare products, Don Don Donki literally has everything you need!

Photo: @imdesmondoteo (Instagram)
Photo: @jeanfrancine (Instagram)

For foodies, we bet you’re looking forward the most to its ginormous array of Japanese snacks and beverages! Either it’s flavours our tastebuds have yet to explore, like Sweet Potato Milk Tea, or just a nice selection of Matcha desserts our hearts yearn for. Get ready to spend hours on end in Don Don Donki, because you’d want to try every single thing you set your eyes on!

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What Are You Most Excited To Try At Don Don Donki?

Don Don Donki is not be the only thing you can look forward to when you visit Tropicana Gardens Mall in the future. From famous Mexican fast-food chain to a third Beauty In The Pot outlet, this mall may very well be the next go-to mall of many, especially those living nearby. In the meantime, stay tuned for more details on Don Don Donki and other new up and coming brands too!

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