This Durian Shop In Cheras Has More Than Your Usual Durians, Including The Rare ‘God Of Durian’

The Ultimate King Of Fruits

Hey there, foodie! It’s finally that season of the year. Green thorny fruits are spotted everywhere on the streets. And the distinct aroma wafts up your nose in surprise. If you didn’t already guessed it – durian season is upon us and we’re excited! Don’t know where to get your dose of fresh durians in the city? Check out this place that is brimming with all kinds of durians  – even really rare to find ones.


Durian Gangster Is No Gangster, But A Rare Find For Fresh Durians In Cheras

With hundreds of choices for durians in the city, it can be a brain teaser on where to get the best ones. Look no further, because this new shop in Cheras is where you can get the freshest ones straight from Raub, Pahang. Besides, they’re also having combo set deals so you can taste your favourite durians in one go.

With so many types of durians to offer out in the market, it can be hard to find the one you like the most. Fret not, as Durian Gangster is currently offering 3 different set combo deals of your favourite durians. With Musang King, XO and D24 in the mix, you’ll have the chance to taste it in all one go. Each combo set has four boxes filled with 300g of heavenly durians.

At Durian Gangster, truck loads of the freshest durians coming from Raub, Pahang can be seen arriving at 2PM sharp every day. If you’re a durian-fanatic, you’ll know Musang King to be the king of durians. Choose from Grade A or Grade B Musang King depending on your budget. But trust us, the Grade A is definitely worth it here! You can get a taste of it either by going for the combo set or just getting one whole fruit.


God Of Durian – A Rare Breed To Find

Besides, you get to find the rarest breed amongst its durians – The God of Durian (神仙种). A direct translation from its Chinese name, the God of Durian is hard to find in Malaysia nowadays as there’s only a handful of its origin tree in Malaysia. A limited edition in the shop, you can get a taste of it only on selected days. If you’re not in luck to try that out, you can also opt for the Tekka (竹脚) here as they bear similar flavours.


Cool Down With A Coconut Or Two

If you don’t want to stink up your house or car, you can sit down for a durian feast at their shop in Cheras. Of course, all precautionary steps are taken to make sure the place is well-sanitised and spotless. Besides having free mineral water for you to wash your palates, you can also get their fresh coconuts to cool you down. Get it for free when you purchase 1kg of durians or more at their store!


Feast On The Best Durians In The Area At Durian Gangster

Durian season only happens once a year, so don’t miss out this chance to binge on the king of fruits only at Durian Gangster! With fresh durians and amazing deals, here’s one place you can’t afford to miss out on. Want to get a taste of it without heading out? Durian Gangster will deliver them to you without any minimum spend within 90 minutes! Enjoy your durians and remember to stay hydrated!

Durian Gangster

Address: No. 5, Jalan Medan Midah, Taman Midah, Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours: (DAILY) 12PM – 12AM

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

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