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Durian Musang King Nasi Lemak Is Now A Thing & Here’s Where You Can Get It

Sweet & Savoury Combo We Know You'll Love!

Hello, foodies! As Malaysians, there are two things that we certainly love: durian and Nasi Lemak! Nothing can beat the irresistible bittersweet taste of Musang King and we all love a good spicy sambal with our Nasi Lemak. What if we told you that you can now enjoy the best of both? Possibly one of the most unique collaborations ever – we are happy to announce that Durian Dude x NinetyThree Nasi Lemak is bringing you Durian Musang King Nasi Lemak this August 2021!


Durian Musang King Nasi Lemak Is Now A Thing

Your wildest dreams come true – this collaboration between Durian Dude x NinetyThree Nasi Lemak is certainly something you cannot miss out on! Introducing the first ever Durian Musang King Nasi Lemak, this dish is a combination of two local favourites and you must-try it! August is here and that also means it’s Merdeka month. There’s no better way to celebrate Malaysia than with this unique (and yummy!) combo of durian & Nasi Lemak!

Launched in June 2021, NinetyThree Nasi Lemak serves the classic Malaysian staple dish with fried chicken. Calling themselves the “best Nasi Lemak in Petaling Jaya”, it’s no wonder that locals love ordering from this newly-launched brand. Plus, their sambal has the perfect amount of spiciness that we know you’ll love! To check out their menu, click here. NinetyThree Nasi Lemak operates at COOX, a cloud kitchen that also houses several other local businesses. And, that includes Durian Dude.

Also newly-launched, Durian Dude operates at COOX as well and they offer a wide variety of fresh durians to customers. From Musang King to Durian Kampung and many more, the durians are harvested daily from Raub, Pahang to ensure the freshest delivery to durian lovers! Moreover, even our former National Football Captain, Zaquan Adha has tried these durians and he loves them!

Durian Musang King Nasi Lemak Combo Available For A Limited Time Only

Durian and Nasi Lemak? Name a better duo – we’ll wait. This collaboration between Durian Dude x NinetyThree Nasi Lemak will last all month long and you can enjoy the best of both worlds for RM43.90 only! Plus, they are also offering additional discounts for pick-up orders and delivery orders too! So, hurry and make sure you place your orders today! You can find Durian Dude and NinetyThree Nasi Lemak at COOX, Glo Damansara.


Durian Musang King Nasi Lemak by Durian Dude x NinetyThree Nasi Lemak 

  • One (1) portion of NinetyThree Nasi Lemak
  • 100g Musang King from Durian Dude
  • RM29.90 per combo (after 40% discount)
  • Available from 1st – 31st August 2021
  • Use code <PICKM> for 40% off pickup orders (capped at RM14)
  • Use code <COOXM> for RM5 off delivery orders (min. spend RM25)
  • Click here to order now

Durian Dude x NinetyThree Nasi Lemak Combo Available On COOX


Are you drooling yet? We bet you are! This combo is unique and we’re sure that durian and Nasi Lemak can do no wrong for any of us. If you are excited to try this combo from Durian Dude x NinetyThree Nasi Lemak, head on over to COOX @ Glo Damansara today to takeaway or, order delivery using this link.


Durian Dude 

To order: COOX | GrabMart

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram 

NinetyThree Nasi Lemak 

To order: COOX | GrabFood

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

COOX @ Glo Damansara 

Address: G05, Glo Damansara, 669, Jalan Damansara, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: 1030am – 8pm (Daily)

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