M’sian Netizen Shares How You Can Turn Your Durian Seeds Into Crispy Durian Chips (Kerepek Durian)


Durian lovers, have you been snacking on all your favourite durians, from Musang King to D24 to Red shrimp? Apart from checking off your list of durian cravings, we bet you’re also accumulating a mountain of durian seeds as you go. STOP! Don’t throw those lumpy seeds away just yet, because this Malaysian netizen has  shared the perfect recipe to turn them into crispy chips!

Don’t Throw Those Durian Seeds Away, Turn Them Into Durian Chips!

If you didn’t know, the entire durian fruit (apart from the shell) can actually be eaten. However, the seed has to be boiled or roasted prior to eating it. You may have tried the chips made from durian pulp, but not from durian seeds. Well now you can! Read on to find out the recipe:

Photo: Rozana Hashim AsSalihin (Facebook)

Step 1: Clean durian seeds and soak them in saltwater overnight

Step 2: Slice softened seeds into thin slices. Leave them to sit for an hour or two.

Photo: Rozana Hashim AsSalihin (Facebook)
Photo: Rozana Hashim AsSalihin (Facebook)
Photo: Rozana Hashim AsSalihin (Facebook)

Step 3: Deep fry in low heat. Occasionally stirring.

Step 4: When chips turn into golden brown and light as air, then it’s done!

You can add salt to taste but you can definitely munch on it as its own as well.

Photo: Rozana Hashim AsSalihin (Facebook)

Down To Try This At Home?

Have you tried making your very own durian chips using durian seeds at home? If you’re intrigued, go ahead and try them this weekend after your durian feast! Let us know in the comments what you think of them! Have fun!

Recipe from Rozana Hashim AsSalihin | Masak Apa Hari Ni.. (MAHN)

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