Local Egg Merchant Gives Back To The Community By Selling A Carton Of 30 Eggs For Only RM2

As the entire world is continuously fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no doubt that businesses are taking a hit. However, there are more than a handful of local businesses that will take the risk to give back instead. Either it’s giving free food to the frontliners or extending help to interns, no matter how small it is – the public appreciates it without a doubt.


This Merchant From Malacca Is Selling Their Eggs At Super Low Prices

Photo: Oriental Daily

An egg merchant from Malacca has decided to help his local community by selling a carton of 30 Grade D eggs at only RM2. Honestly, there’re no cheaper eggs than these! Eat Egg Everyday announced on their Facebook page on yesterday that they’re having a three-day promotion till Saturday. So far, they’ve managed to have their eggs sold out in two consecutive days.

Photo: Oriental Daily

According to the store manager, the store mainly wanted to promote their newly opened shop, but certainly to give back to the community. As consumers usually go for bigger Grade A or B eggs, the smaller ones are left behind and possibly disposed later on. In retail stores, a carton of 30 Grade D eggs are usually sold at RM8. By working together with their manufacturer, Eat Egg Everyday is able to sell it at a comparatively lower price.

Photo: eNanyang

Even with the booming business, sadly, they won’t be continuing for the third day. As you may have guess, where there’s super cheap food, there’ll be a crowd, and indeed there was. Even though they are adhered to social distancing guidelines and wore masks, it was not a good sight at times like this. Hence, in their most recent post on FB, they mentioned that they’ve decided to give the eggs away to charity instead of selling it to the public. As it would help those in dire need of food more than the rest of the public. Good thinking, guys!

Giving Back When Times Are Tough For Everyone

At times when it’s tough for local businesses to stay afloat, Eat Egg Everyday still manages to give back to the community. And we’re incredibly thankful for that! This certainly puts in retrospective of certain retail outlets taking advantage of the situation by hiking up the prices of eggs disproportionately. If it was you, would you have queued up for the eggs? Let us in the comments below!

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Source: Oriental Daily

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