This Mall In KL Utilises Fun Animated Stickers To Implement Social Distancing Guidelines

Strict But Adorable Measures

With the CMCO on full swing across the entire country, everyone is taking strict measures by adhering to the compulsory SOPs. By now, most of you must be used to the basics of sanitising your hands and having your temperature checked. Besides, shops have also put down stickers and tapes so you remember to practice social distancing too. However, this mall right in the city has decided to level up their game by making things fun for visitors!

Sungai Wang Plaza Utilises Fun Stickers On Floors For Social Distancing Guidelines

Since we’re all adapting to the new normal, why not make it a fun thing to do? Sungai Wang Plaza in Kuala Lumpur has done just that by using fun interactive stickers on their floors so that customers don’t forget to adhere to the social distancing guideline. There’s even one taken inspiration from our favourite oldie arcade game – Pac-Man. How cute!

Photo: @sungeiwangplaza (Facebook)

Strict Measures Through Lively Stickers

Every spot in the mall where customers would normally queue up have adopted a band new look as well! Places like ATM machines, entrances and lifts look rather different than it usually does. From stickers resembling super large tic-tac-toe to animated wooden paths, you can’t help but to take a second look over here!

Photo: @sungeiwangplaza (Facebook)
Photo: @sungeiwangplaza (Facebook)

Of course, besides these animated social distancing stickers, other basic measures have been taken as well! Stickers have been placed in lifts to avoid overcrowding and its foodcourts have restricted to only two diners per table. It’s safe to say that at least visitors of the mall will have a peace of mind while shopping and dining in.

Photo: @sungeiwangplaza (Facebook)
Photo: @sungeiwangplaza (Facebook)

Check Out These Innovative Stickers When You Visit Sg Wang Plaza!

Kudos to Sg Wang Plaza for using innovative ways to adhere to strict SOPs while ensuring the people remember to practice social distancing! Even though we’re still encouraged to stay home as much as possible, but it’s good to know that every business outside is thinking ahead for us too. Have a great weekend ahead! Stay safe and stay cautious, guys.

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