FamilyMart Has Just Released Their Latest Royal Milk Tea Sofuto

Eat Your Milk Tea

Whenever you have an OK day, what do you do? Some of us will binge-watch our favourite series on Netflix while some may look to treat themselves to a good meal. Either way, you can, at the same time add a sweet treat to your agenda. And what’s that one dessert you can enjoy any time, any day? Yup, ice cream. Check out FamilyMart’s latest Royal Milk Tea Sofuto.

Check Out Royal Milk Tea Sofuto At FamilyMart

Fans of FamilyMart, you need to try out the new and exciting Royal Milk Tea Sofuto flavour. Said to be inspired by the aromatic and creamy Japanese Royal Milk Tea, this Sofuto is the perfect blend of fragrant black tea and sweet creamy milk.

Royal Milk Tea Sofuto FamilyMart
Photo: @familymartmy (Instagram)

Of course, we love how FamilyMart constantly thinks about what their family aka us, wants. They know how Malaysians are crazy over milk tea. Teh Tarik in the morning for breakfast or a cup of bubble milk tea right after dinner, this Sofuto is just perfect.

Royal Milk Tea Sofuto FamilyMart
Photo: @familymartmy (Instagram)

For All Milk Tea Lovers

Instead of just drinking your regular milk tea, FamilyMart has decided to turn it into ice cream instead. Genius. Available in both cone or sundae cup, get yours now at all FamilyMart stores at only RM2.90.

Royal Milk Tea Sofuto FamilyMart
Photo: @familymartmy (Instagram)

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