FamilyMart Now Offers Sofuto Good Deal At Only RM1 Until 7 June 2020 (Here’s How)


  • FamilyMart now offers RM1 Sofuto for Touch ‘n Go eWallet users from now until 7th June 2020.
  • Promo is for any Sofuto flavour available in-store
  • Not applicable with other promotion
  • Available for all stores except KLIA2 and Genting

FamilyMart Now Offers Sofuto Good Deal At Only RM1

Good morning foodies! It’s the start of a brand new week and a brand new month so here’s to new beginnings! If you’re not really feeling it as we hit the second half of 2020, then we’ve got some sweeeeet news just for you.  Guessed ice cream? Well, you’re right! From now until 7th June, you can get FamilyMart Sofuto at only RM1! Just keep reading as we reveal to you more info.

Okay, while 7-Eleven Malaysia isn’t as jaw-dropping as the ones in Thailand, we all know how Malaysians are in love with FamilyMart. Whenever we think of convenience, our minds will indefinitely drift over to FamilyMart. Perhaps it’s because they’ve got everything and just about anything.

FamilyMart Buy 1 Free 1 Sofuto
Photo: @JohorFoodie (Instagram)

From Oden as dinner, all the way to Sofuto for dessert, some of us deem FamilyMart as a paradise and there’s certainly no room for disagreement on that. Alright, so back to the main topic, FamilyMart is now offering their Sofuto (any flavours available in-store) at only RM1!

Photo: @familymartMY (Instagram)

This irresistible deal is ongoing from now until 7th June if you opt for cashless payment using Touch ‘n Go eWallet. Just a quick scan and you’re well on your way to enjoying RM1 Sofuto. However, as all good things are only limited in quantity, each customer is only entitled to 1 Sofuto per transaction.

FamilyMart RM1 Sofuto
Photo: @serenesim25 (Instagram)

That aside, after 7th June 2020, the RM1 FamilyMart Sofuto deal will take place every Wednesday from 10th June until 15th July 2020. So, even if FamilyMart is introducing this sweet deal for one week as a trial, you can still get them after 7th June. How cool is that?

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FamilyMart RM1 Sofuto
Photo: @FamilyMartMY (Facebook)

Sweeten Up Your Day With This Sofuto Good Deal

Well, if you’re thinking of ways to sweeten up June, head over to your nearest FamilyMart outlet today. But remember, as sweet as this deal could be, it’s still advisable to maintain a safe distance from others. Bye for now!

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