FamilyMart Malaysia Releases NEW Hamburger Macaron Dessert & It Looks So Cute

Sweet or Savoury?


  • FamilyMart Malaysia releases a new dessert called, Hamburger Macaron.
  • It is both sweet and savoury with a crispy exterior and soft chewy interior.
  • You can now get it at all FamilyMart Malaysia outlets nationwide.
  • For more info, click here.

FamilyMart Releases New Dessert: Hamburger Macaron

Photo: FamilyMart Malaysia (Facebook)

Calling all Hamburger – we mean, Macaron lovers! FamilyMart Malaysia releases a new dessert and it’ll definitely fool your eyes! This new Hamburger Macaron that looks super adorable is now available at all FamilyMart outlets nationwide.

Photo: FamilyMart Malaysia (Facebook)

Sweet & Savoury

Photo: FamilyMart Malaysia (Facebook)
Image: FamilyMart Malaysia (Facebook)

According to FamilyMart, this new dessert is both sweet and savoury. Are you excited to try it? It really looks like an actual mini-sized burger but, it’ll be tasting sweet! Have you tried this new treat from FamilyMart yet? If you have, share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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