FamilyMart Is Now Selling Tom Yam Paste At RM9.90 Only So You Can Have Oden Meal At Home



  • FamilyMart Malaysia is now selling their Oden tom yam soup flavour, in a bottle (tom yam paste).
  • Priced at RM9.90 only, customers can now enjoy their Oden meal at home with this Tom Yam Paste.

Hello, foodies! Over the weekend, FamilyMart Malaysia surprised netizens with the release of their Tom Yam Paste for all to enjoy their delicious soup at home! FamilyMart is now selling their famous spicy soup paste at RM9.90 only, so get yours today! Read about it here.

FamilyMart’s Tom Yam Paste For RM9.90 Only

Photo: FamilyMart Malaysia (Facebook)

Whenever you are looking for a quick meal, FamilyMart’s Oden is definitely a good pick because it is also super yummy. For those of you who frequently enjoy their Oden, specifically the Tom Yam flavour, you’d know of the familiar spicy smell of the air when you enter a FamilyMart store in Malaysia. Hmm, are you hungry yet?

Photo: @david_dsym (Instagram)

Spicy & Fragrant Soup For Your Own Stay At Home Oden Meal

Photo: @kopicoffeetalk (Instagram)

Now that they have packaged their delicious Oden Tom Yam soup into a paste, it is safe to say that you can now easily make it in the comfort of your own home. We are pretty sure that it is as simple as adding some hot water to the paste to make a soup and voilá – Oden meal at home! Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Get yours today and try your hand at making it!

Feature image credit: (left) FamilyMart Malaysia (Facebook), (right) @david_dsym (Instagram)

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