FamilyMart Drops Musical Mooncake Box That Opens Up To A Twirling Hello Kitty

Hello, foodies! Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching soon and we’re already excited about mooncakes. There are so many varieties ranging from snow skin to baked skin and more. And this time around we’ve got something cute to share. Introducing mooncakes hidden inside a pink music box, it’s Hello Kitty Mooncake Premium Music Box from FamilyMart!


FamilyMart Malaysia Rolls Out 4 Hello Kitty Mooncakes

Casually driving around town and you’ll definitely spot at least one FamilyMart store. With a great variety of convenient foods from bento boxes to Onigiri, it’s hard not to turn your head around. While they indeed have a range of tempting foods and snacks, they are now introducing a new item in store! Especially rolled out for Mid-Autumn Festival, it’s Hello Kitty Mooncake Music Box!

Yes, you’ve seen it right. We’re talking about mooncakes that feature cute Hello Kitty designs! Simply spot a Hello Kitty box that features different shades of pink. Upon opening, spot Hello Kitty spinning around to the melodic tune. Offering up to 4 delicious flavours, they are as follow:

  • Bamboo Charcoal White Lotus With Salted Egg Lava
  • Durian Lotus With Musang King Lava
  • White Lotus Double Yolks
  • Pandan White Lotus Single Yolk

It’s Limited Only!

Photo: FamilyMart Malaysia (Facebook)

As exciting as it is, this cute mooncake is actually available for a short while only. Priced at RM178 for a box, remember to grab it while it’s still here. Additionally, we hope everyone stays healthy and wear masks! Let us know what you think about these mooncakes and see you in the next post!

Address: Specific outlets here

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